Make the up-front charge more fair

@Frenone I think your comment is quite confrontational. Especially as one can assume you know the rules of Patreon: There is no going back once you switched to up-front charge.

Patreon tried to do this years ago, and Twitter exploded about it. (To be fair, they worded things poorly from the get go.) It involved a higher charge of fees to patrons. The more people you supported, the higher the fees, to the point where multi small levels of support was not sustainable. So Patreon dropped those plans.

I definitely agree with you, that charging on the anniversary would be nicer, but in all of your examples, you miss something that is different between them and Patreon. You only subscribe to one Netflix. You only pay for one Zoom. On Patreon, you could be paying for five or a dozen different creators, and now you’re having loads of anniversaries, loads of additional fees, etc.

I could be okay with this option. But you’ll likely come across some issue with lower priced tiers. Like, if someone signs up for a 1$ tier on the 30th, pays basically a couple pennies, Patreon takes their cut, Paypal takes their cut, the creator gets nothing, if not potentially charged on the transaction. There has to be a limit here too.

I agree with Frenone here. There’s already a ton of systems that all differ per page. Patreon already has a hard time keeping up with everything. I just don’t think an idealized “do anything you want system” is viable.

To me, the easiest, fastest to work in, and best solution is clear cut honesty. If your page has charge up front, make it clear that if someone signs up at the end of the month, they’ll be hit twice if they stay. There’s ways you can work around this as a marketing strategy.

-Avoid advertising your page towards the last couple days, unless you include these warnings.
-On the first, push like normal. Maybe send out newsletters on a mailing list. It helps remind people who avoided the double charge to sign up too.
-Encourage people to /follow/ your page. It’s free to follow, and they get updates about public posts. Make public posts on or soon after the first, as an additional push of “hey, remember you wanted to support me?” I do monthly newsletter summaries, post them on the first or second of the following month, partly for that reason.
-Once annual rolls out, that’s another option for people that likely feels more comfortable than the potential double charges monthly. It’s also the closest to anniversary charges. Not an option for all, but it is for some.

I know you mentioned a “what if Netflix did this”, but we’re not Netflix. We’re not a huge corporation, we’re all individual pages, small businesses at most. I’m sure if someone was upset about the double charge, we could refund them easily.

It’s not ideal, I don’t think there’s going to be a solution that makes everyone happy, but this is just where I sit right now. :confused:

(I also just woke up, so forgive any sleepy mistakes x’D)


I’m aware you cannot go back, and I assume you regret your decision, but I still think there are ways to make it work for you :slight_smile: as so many of us have.

Which, ultimately, exposes the fundamental problem - the number of things that we, as Creators (and Patreon’s real customers) have to ‘make it work’ or ‘work around’ or ‘accept’ continue to grow as Patreon loses sight of who their actual customers are (Creators; patrons are OUR customer’s not Patreon’s).

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Hi Sarah. How do you make a partial refund, out of interest? Thanks!

Honestly, I haven’t had to yet. But my plan is to do it through paypal. There’s doesn’t seem to be a way to do it through Patreon’s system.

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Sadly, right now, you can only issue full refunds from your Patreon balance. Partial refunds have to be issued outside of Patreon.
Reference: here.

I think the fact that you cannot go back is a huge issue in itself. I’ve completely changed my content on my patreon that doesn’t require a pay wall anymore to access the content, but I can’t change it. I now have to create an entirely new account, lose my original founder status, and accept an 8% fee instead of my original 5%. :frowning:

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