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Dear Patreon team!!!

I would like to be able to have promotional codes to offer, for example, a month of free access (or 3 or 6 …) to the channel, to carry out promotional tasks on other platforms: I cannot sell the wonders of my channel and its functionalities if they cannot access them!

I think that, in the different crowdcadst in which I have attended throughout these two years of Patreon , one of the recurring themes is “how to get new patrons?” and the promotional codes, would be a FUNDAMENTAL tool to promote our Patreon channels in an effective way in the different social networks:
If I do a campaign on IG or FB in which it says “share my fabulous channel, and sign up for it …” it will never have as much impact as if I say "Do you want to gain a month of access to my great content and everything what do I offer you on my great Patreon channel ?, comment and share my publication ”

This works. It works because it attracts people, and it works because the winner, generally comments happy about the experience in his environment … and makes even more network … but you have to give some prize to encourage him … and what better prize than being able to truly show what we want to sell? Our Patreon channels!

I mean … I can send a topic, by email, to the winner of a contest … to show my work (I have done it) and you know? 90% of the time, far from assuming an inscription on Patreon, it involves an offer of “why don’t you sell it to me on your own?” or “why don’t you sell it on … (etsy, coursera, Fb …)” that could give me an income, yes … but it does NOT grow my patreon community … which is supposed to be what I’m looking for … and I have to refuse.
I understand that, if instead of showing my work, I show the platform, they have already seen it, they are inside … and it would only be to renew that subscription with their payment details if they wish to continue. I am almost sure that, yes, they would continue (I have people who carry a whopping 31 months with me … I consider it true fidelity ). But also, I consider that although my channel went up constantly until June 2019, after this has stopped and slowed down … I hit the ceiling of mi niche, and I can’t continue expanding and disseminating properly … as I don’t have the right tools.

We may want to do our job fabulously, but if you don’t give us tools we have a difficult task. So please consider this…

I know that I always ask for a lot of things (multilingual platform, always the first thing in my speech) but I consider that, with the right tools, we could grow much more … and without them, the temptation to migrate to where it exists is increasing… as per market demand. .

Thanks in advance, and good, and happy July … it is hot around here (Spain) thing that I hope will annihilate the coronavirus. Keep safe!.


Great idea and I’ll add that being able to give the first month free could alleviate the pain of people paying the first month but not getting a full month. This could reduce refunds often offered to this signing up in the middle of the month. Thank you.

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Hi @patdelavega, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us! Gifting has been on our radar for a little while but sadly I don’t have an update if this will be implemented any time soon.

Please don’t ever feel like you’re asking for too much – we love hearing your feedback and suggestions! :slight_smile:


Reyna, thank you for your answer … oops … well, prepare yourselves, because I have a few suggestions, hahahaha. I’ll put them in the appropriate sections … thanks for listen.

The codes would also solve specific access problems: I had a problem with a patron who has been paying for several months and without being able to access, to whom I have been sending each publication by email (there was no other possibility) and that finally and since the answers don´t solved her claims, has been deleted the pledge and account.

This problem would have been promptly solved with an access code

Today, Wednesday, I try to make IG-Fb networks to move my Patreon channel, and I cannot offer anything as a prize related to my channel, but something outside the platform. This, together with the fact that for many of my followers, as the channel is in English makes it uncomfortable to sign up, it always leads me to external proposals …
The only solution I can think of, is something that is not feasible … and that is to offer a refund.
But does this make the winner of a contest feel compelled to hand over their payment details to a prize? And to have faith that I refund him? Is weird. And I prefer not to …

So … I don’t know how to advertise my channel without the right tools

As I say above … I think that when in all crowdcasts you raise as a central theme, in one way or another, as a proposed theme or reply to some question , the recruitment of patrons in other networks, you forget that without the right tools it is much more difficult for us…

Thanks for thinking about it, and I hope that soon you can offer us this tool.
We must not forget that if we grow, you grow, and that when working, a good tool is more effective than many nice words.


Thinking about this issue and the possible abuse or not of this tool by us, creators, which I understand that it is surely a question that you think about, when it comes to implementing this or not, I think that to avoid any abuse you could make an access to codes in a fair and equitable percentage way … and that any number of access codes that exceed, are billed to the creator, I mean …
You as a company, bet on us, and you provide us with the code tool. As this may not be profitable as a company you have to see how to make it interesting …for a future growthing profit.

For example, if you give per year (or semester, or campain or whatever you consider) up to a maximum 10% of what you have as patrons, that is, if you have 20 patrons, you will have the option of 2 codes for a month … or one code bimonthly. And if you have 240 patrons you will have the option of 24 monthly access codes, or 2 annual access codes (or any different combination which in total is 24m. You manage…).

This, done once with every X time spent on the channel … as a reward for our consistency, can be a great incentive for expansion … and also for the motivation of many people.

What if, in case you have enough patrons or not, a couple of codes are given, simply by meeting some activity requirements? (publication-activity on your channel, quotes on networks,everything that the company’s marketing dpt considers intersting…)

Of course, it is a bet on your part, since you do not obtain any income from a small percentage of the affiliates to the platform … but it is once a year … and can bring many more affiliates

Other than that? You could give us the option to access extra codes … but buying them.

Maybe I prefer to reinvest the money of one or 2 or N of my patrons a month, in codes to do a campaign, and for the actual number of patrons I have no codes available … or I have sold them out. In the same way that I invest in other materials and tools I would like to have this possibility

Thank you very much for listen and take in consideration my suggestions, and have a nice day!

Greetings dear gentlemen who make life on this platform!
I am new here, I am a model of lingerie, tattoo and others.
But, I am not famous at all, I have only been part of small local events, which recommend me to grow up in Patreon, how can I start to find fans? I have no experience in that area.
I appreciate your help

YES!! I WISH there was a way to give out a promo code or gift someone a month free of Patreon. Especially with Black Friday and the holidays coming up, I have lots of people asking if they could gift someone 1, 3 or 6 months of Patreon. There’s just no way to do that without having them signup themselves and then give access to the recipient. A promo code would make this so easy! Or, as you said, being able to offer one month free to try. I was so hoping Patreon would be able to make this happen before the holidays this year. It would help out so much.


@Laura_Manson thanks for adding your feedback. I’m sorry to say I don’t have an update on gifting yet - though have you considered running a special offer for the holidays? Special offers are a great way to offer limited-time benefits to your fans! I gathered a few resources for you:

I think this is more effective for engagement that for get new Patrons @reyna

Also in recent times one of my patrons which is planning a course and wants to publicity my Patreon channel suggest me the same : " I don’t know if Patreon gives you the option to apply a discount, but … what do you think if with the course we offer a discount on the first month of subscription so that my students can meet you ??? I think that if they see the great work you do, many will stay. If you think it’s a good idea, tell me "
well I think is a GREAT idea. but I can not offer anything about…although I feel that if this is possible I can really growt. Not only for her, but also for my suppliers or colleagues, which sometime ask me about the same .

Pls, take in consideration our request. I know the Patreon team is working hard (Im so HAPPY with Patreon platform in spanish…) but the special offer I think is not a tool for us if we want to make publicity and growt (by us or by others) in an effective way…and our bussines is your bussines.

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Hey @patdelavega! Like Michael said, a mention is very helpful! I apologize for my delay, but I do get around to reading every message eventually :slight_smile:

As for your request - Like I mentioned above, I don’t have an update on gifting just yet. A special offer is a great way to offer limited-time benefits for fans and new patrons. We also hosted a great Workshop: Use the holidays to give your membership a boost and the replay is available for you to watch and get some ideas! Hope this helps!