Marketing Attribution

For those new to this, attribution is a way to track the effectiveness of an ad campaign. For example to know exactly how many people that saw your Facebook ad actually became one of your Patreons.

So currently there are many attribution mechanisms, for example Facebook has a pixel image that you insert to the thank you page of whatever you are selling if they saw the ad, then Facebook counts the number of request to that image and you know exactly how many users bought your item.

I have contacted Patreon and they do not support any mean for attribution.

Has anyone been able to implement some way of ad attribution?

Thanks to everyone for your input.


Any update from Patreon itself to help us with this feature request?

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I, for one, would really appreciate this feature. It would just need to be added to the “pledge success” page.

But, further, Patreon should provide basic page analytics (uniques, visits, sessions, etc separated by patron vs non-patron dimensions).

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FWIW, Donor Box, Gumroad, and others all allow you to provide third-party analytics.

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I would love to have these features as well. One thing they could do right away that I don’t think would take up a lot of time or coding would be to allow Creators to see how many followers we have on Patreon as well. I understand the thinking they’re using in keeping it hidden from other potential Patrons, or the public at large, since Patreon doesn’t want people thinking that a follow is akin to actual support, but that’s a number I want to know and would love to see in my dashboard. That way, I would know that if I could convince my Mailing list to follow me on Patreon in between times when I’m not asking them to be paying Patrons, I would have an idea of how many people are seeing my posts, and have a better idea of how many paid and unpaid posts I should be making to convince those followers to become Patrons

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