Mass delete posts?

There will be an option someday to mass delete old posts? like, selecting the month and having the option of deleting all the stuff uploaded on that month.


Hey! Thanks for the suggestion. This is the first time I’ve heard of this request, can you let me know why you’d like to be able to do that? I wonder if it’s a problem we can solve elsewhere, eg with better post and content management.

I think a mass post management system in general would be useful, right now if I want to go back and tag a topic I have to go through 2 years of posts. Since there’s no gallery I have to consolidate posts every so often and deleting the old ones might be something I’d do.

When Patreon started enforcing the adult content take-downs I spent a few hours just deleting every single archived post that was set public because editing them and making them patreon only would take even longer.

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Because I do like 30 posts per month, I have been in Patreon for years, and I would like to delete all my old posts, leaving the ones of 2018 only. But there is too many and the process is very slow :frowning:

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Ok, thanks for this additional context, it helps me make sure the Product Team understand as much specifically as possible!

Talking about other stuff, I have sent you a PM, is there something that can be done?

I just sent you a reply - sorry it’s taking a while, got to work with other teammates for that kind of question :slight_smile: