Mass edit tags on posts

This has been talked asked for many times over the years, but I wanted to bump. We REALLY need a way to mass edit tags. I have 3 years of posts I’m trying to organize to promote new sign ups, but doing it one at a time is insane. If anyone has any work arounds, I would appreciate it.


I know Patreon has API’s that allow users to tie websites into their Patreon site. I wonder if that API has any ability to allow programatic access to posts? A way to edit and manage posts without going through the webpage?

omg YES mass editing tags would make my life SO MUCH EASIER. :slight_smile:

Yes, please. Patreon has given us only one tool to organize posts for our patrons. Give it more functionality.

It’s impossible to go back through 7 years of posts, one by one, to pull related posts together.

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I had to do it once and took me ages… I hope it gets sorted out

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Hellz yeah

Unfortunately it doesn’t, it only allows to retrieve the data (and to be honest, not even everything, especially for some kind of posts) but not updating/creating/deleting it :disappointed:

:wave: @KiKiMaroon (and everyone else here!) Sherene from the Patreon product marketing team here.

Am I right in thinking that this request is really about being able to organize your back catalogue? If so, I do have an update for you here:

Yes, but for me personally it’s also about the ease of editing the tags on several posts in one go from a easy view. Like, look at tumblr, their mass post editor opens up all posts in a easy overview, where I can select several posts and add or delete tags on all of them, rather than having to open each post individually and edit the tags one by one. Right now if I want to go back and add, say, fandom tags to old pieces on Patreon so patrons interested in viewing just all my Critical Role stuff, or all Dragon Age art, it’d take me way too long with all the scrolling and manually adding the tag.