Matching creators from different categories!

I love this idea and I think really cool things can come up from this. Most of the collaborations I’ve seen happening around Patreon are from creators of the same creative field. But, collaborating with someone from another creative category can be great for both, don’t you think?

As a musician, I would love to collaborate with creators of Video/Film and also Animation! I´ve got some ideas and I feel it’s gonna be great :wink:

Who are you willing to collaborate with?

Post a link to your patreon page and anounce what kind of collaborations you are looking for =)

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So, let me start: I’m Diogo, a singer songwriter from Portugal and I think it would be great to collaborate with Video/Film and also Animation creators. I already have some specific ideas and I’m sure other will easily come up, depending on our match :wink: . Of course, I’m also open to collaborate with creators from other creative categories - so, if you have an idea for us two, write me - I’ll be happy to hear your ideas! Here’s my patreon page:

I think collaborating is a fantastic idea. I have some collaborative-ish projects going right now with my patrons. I am also workin’ on gettin’ together with some other local artist friends to do a multi-stream on Picarto though they are all in my same category and genre: fantasy artists. It would be neat to figure out how to do something like that with artists in other categories, but not sure how that would work.

My only issue with collaboration is me: I work very slowly. This is why I set up a goal to be a temporary higher level patron to artists with rewards that I could work along with in my own time. For example, I would be a patron to a composer/songwriter to get a theme song for a particular character of mine or a scene I have in mind. Then as time allowed, I could do a speedpaint and/or slideshow of the character and in the distant future perhaps make short animations that go along with the music. I figure this way the other creator gets paid for their work, plus my patrons/followers would be introduced to them when I link their work and their Patreon, and then when I make something to go along with the music the other creator would get another bit of advertising when I credit them and link them again when I upload my contribution. I think that’s the only way I’d be comfortable with that kind of collaboration, because I know how I am. :sweat_smile: I want the other creator to get something other than just exposure (oh no, the E word!).

At this time I’m $24 from my livestream goal that would allow multi-streaming so if anyone can figure out how to do a collaboration in that way, let me know. After that I’m another $50 from becoming a higher level patron to afford to get the appropriate rewards from others. I would LOVE to know if anyone has that type of reward or anything really that would work with what I’m doing: could be a writing including my characters that I could later illustrate, music, or whatever else anyone think would cross-over well. I want to be able to work in my characters and world-building as that’s the overall theme of my Patreon page. I’m definitely open to any ideas. (If you just have a commission reward tier I’ll be happy to follow you for that as well to present you as an option for my patrons to choose from when we meet that goal.)

I am a fantasy comic artist. My patreon:


Great ideas, @Lochy! Actually, I’m trying to figure out how would a collaboration with creators who charge differently (per work / per month) could work. I think the best collaborative work happens if both creators can use the final work the same way - mean, in my case, if I’m collaborating with someone, it would make sense for we both to charge our patrons for that final work (since I do charge per work). But here’s a good question indeed…

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Good point. I only charge monthly, but all of my posts are public. Someone could follow me and get all of the art for free, but they wouldn’t get the physical rewards or input that my patrons get. It’s more like a tip jar with a few bonus goodies. So someone who has pay per item might not want to collaborate with me since the end product for me would be free to view on my Patreon.

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In the end, my final product will also be free to view on Patreon and everywhere. So, maybe it doesn’t matter if it’s monthly or per creation =) . I don’t know…

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Yeah, I was just thinkin’ if the main point of the collaboration was to cross-promote and expand your reach, you might want it to be one of your free to view items.

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