May 2019 Review

Hello! I can’t believe how fast May is going; perhaps Game of Thrones accelerated things forward :smiley:

Here’s some important things and updates I wanted to highlight since our last update in April.

1. Coming Soon: Mobile app updates fixing audio playback bugs :bug:

2. Detailed look at Bonjoro by @dataschool :video_camera:
Definitely check this out if you’ve never heard of Bonjoro or have been intrigued by how it works.

3. Open Studio Six: Pinned Post :pushpin:
We’re looking for feedback on being able to pin or feature a post on your Patreon page.

4. Hide your patron count :see_no_evil:
Similar to the option to hide your earnings, you now have the option to hide the patron count number at the top of your page. Learn more here, or try it in your page editor. Available in Pro and Premium plans.

5. New integrations :handshake:

6. Patreon events:hugs:
We now have one page to keep bookmarked for all the Patreon events we’re running or attending, including meetups! I will still post updates in the appropriate area of the forum too.

7. June 14th: Hang Time :surfing_woman:

8. Join our Discord server! :love_letter:


I’m glad to hear about audio bugs being addressed on the app because I consistently have patrons telling me that audios will simply stop playing after a few minutes, can’t be downloaded, and so on. I am still getting these complains even after these updates. What is the best way for my patrons to file bug reports on the app?


Sorry to hear that @YuuriVoice, please make sure they have updated to the latest app version and then send them here or to and tell them to click on “send us a note”.

I’ve passed the word along, but I’ve been passing this same word along for a year now and I’ve got a resounding “I just download the audio (when it lets me) or use a podcast app” from my patrons. I’m glad that there has been an emphasis on fixing audio related bugs, but I’m dealing with a lot of jaded people who don’t see value in putting in support tickets and are inclined to not bother.

Thank you for hearing me out.

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I completely understand that; these issues have been around for a long time and while I’m glad we are doing work on them now, understand that it’s still frustrating and fatiguing for both you and your patrons. The only thing I will add is that we look at ticket volume as an indicator of how large of a problem an issue is which helps us then prioritize what to work on next; I will share this insight with the team to highlight how that is not always the best way to judge a situation.