Media Library? Sticky Posts? Archive?

Hello! Something that I have seen by multiple people in my “exist survey’s” is “Too hard to find content” or “Could not find downloads” or “Cannot find videos”

I would really love the ability to have a “sticky” post that would appear at the top of my page so any NEW Patreons can quickly/easily/instantly access “Completed Projects” without having to do any digging or searching through my Patreon. Granted, the “tags” section is good and helps BUT it is NOT visible on mobile.

The other thing I would like to see even more, would be an easily accessible section of a creators Patreon specifically for Finished Projects that is visible on PC AND Mobile.

I can only imagine if I see a LOT of exit surveys complaining that it is “too hard” to find content, then there must be 10x more than left for that reason without bothering to type it out.

Just a thought! I would love to see some feedback on this =) Below are some examples of this!


I would love a sticky or pinned post option as well!

Our alternative at this point is having the most accessed post (to get to our Discord Server) tagged by itself and be a featured tag, but it kinda stinks that we have to use up one of 5 available featured tags for that purpose


Good idea! I’m using my patreon page to create several tutorial video series, and it would be great to have a tab for each series. I’ve used up all of my featured tags…


Totally agree with you; after a couple of years creating content for Patreon, the amount of posts is quite large in order to explore and find a specific one. A change to the current system is definitely needed…

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This is my top complaint too.

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BIG AGREE! thank you for making a post about it.

adding on, having tabs/gallery folders on our page that we can organize and label ourselves would be a godsend for easy access to our content. new patron just wants to see this very specific fandom comic, great here’s the gallery folder for that. another only wants the nsfw cosplay? here’s another gallery folder for that. and the best part is, there can be a pinned post that links to every possible option for easy access. i know that there’s the tagging system currently but it feels like more of a bandaid solution than an actual usable system to organize posts.


Mindy or anyone from Patreon, is there any news on when a feature like this may be implemented?