Member Manager Buggy for Fractional Pledges

I’m messaging various slices of my Patrons to get them to move to my new tiers (which is working out fantastically, btw!).

I’m hampered by some query bugginess in the filtering. For whatever reason, I have patrons with fractional pledges (holdovers from the time when they could do that), so I need to filter them by penny ranges to make sure I get everyone.

Unfortunately, that’s buggy. Here’s me trying to see all the Patrons with pledges from $2.01 to $2.99, and I’m seeing lots of people whose pledges are outside of that range:

The risk here, of course, is that if I’m scooping up a bunch of people that don’t actually match what I’m querying, I’ll be messaging them the wrong thing, inviting them to tiers they’re not entitled to, and double-messaging them as I hit various sub-portions of my patrons.

Wow, you’ve had your account forever. I’ll share this one as well.

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