Membership Reboot class and Special Offer class?

I got invited to these 2 classes and I really want to participate and do well.

I keep hearing that there are forums for them and I can’t find them?

Are these them? I don’t see categories for those classes.

All in all, I’m super confused. Sometimes I get emails from one class and not the other?!

I’d recommend a landing page - one for each class. The page hosts the worksheets and includes a link to the forums. The email thing is super confusing and I’m not getting replies to any of my questions.

In the meantime - can anyone direct me to those forums?

@mindy should be able to help ya!

Hi Sarah!

I think that a landing page is a GREAT idea! Thank you for your suggestion, and I’m sorry that this has been confusing! I’ve been mostly trying to avoid overlap for this reason. I’m going to follow up with an email with the links to the forums, as you’re in both groups. For clarity, I’ll also include the handbooks and follow up materials for each program. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the help!

I just got back home from the convention across the country. I’ll be getting up the speed soon.