Memberships Page vs Overview

I just accidentally visited my Patreon page while logged out for the first time in recent memory, and it forwarded me to “(my patreon page URL)/memberships” which is just a rewards list that excludes the whole pitch about what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and what goals I’m shooting for. I remembered seeing this maybe a month ago, but then it seemed to revert back to normal. But now it’s back.

Is this permanent, or something that’s being tested? Either way, can creators change it so visitors are taken to the overview page instead? I looked and didn’t see anything… I don’t really want to be screaming dollar amounts at someone the second they arrive on my page, and I prefer for the primary focus of my page to be on the project my Patreon campaign is funding, not on the rewards.

Otherwise, I’d have to rework my rewards list to make it more appealing as a landing page - which isn’t necessarily a problem in itself, but it’s something I would have preferred to do before the feature went live.


Yeah i’m not to fond of this. People who haven’t seen my page should see the information i have put in the about section, preview videos etc. That explains what its about, what to expect, how things work, etc. Which is more important than people seeing my rewards right off the bat. Having the option to use the membership link is GREAT but i don’t think it should be the default, or it should be an option.

I wasn’t aware of this and I agree! The overview has to come first.

One more vote for Overview being the landing page.

Just stumbled upon it, wanted to post a thread here and I’m glad there is already one…because that means I’m not the only one and I didn’t mess anything up with my page. I’m actually interested what works best, and choosing would be awesome…but my first reaction was “The Overview Page has to come first” as well.