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Hi, please don’t merge this to get lost inside another thread - this in important for the future of Patreon.

You have been suggesting we use Patreon as a membership site and I can see that is the way forward. But, I’m reluctant to make the effort needed if there is no way to direct members or patrons to particular content, other than doing contortions with the categories tabs.

5 categories in the side margin are not enough and the blurred brown images of pooh are not exactly professional or appealing.

Can we please be allowed to attach images to categories and create direct links to pages in the margin.

I appreciate you may not want us un prettifying your design with random images, but you do already allow that in the tiers and pooh images are not pretty.

There is no point adding content if new patrons can’t find it.


I’ll second this, as this has been requested numerous times before but seems to have gotten lost in the pile:

  1. Please unblur the featured tags. When they were introduced, they were lovely thumbnails. I don’t know why at some point they were turned into unappealing blurs, and why it’s so difficult to just undo the change, but that really has destroyed any appeal they have.
  2. Five is too small a number for featured tags. We need at least 10, or possibly more. An insufficient number is counterproductive because featured tags make regular tags invisible. You see them and assume that’s all of them, even if you know there are regular tags further down. I can’t find my own tags on my page at a glance because my brain only registers the featured ones, and I know more casual users will miss them altogether. Either eliminate them altogether or allow us to create as many as we need.
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I’ll third it. Now that I’ve been on Patreon for almost four years, five featured tags is really not cutting it. I post almost every day, and have SO much tagged content, sorted by individual projects or pieces. Wading through a jumbled list of tags to find something is getting ridiculous.

And the whole blurry image for featured tags? Those of us who are visual artists deserve better than a grayed-out mess to represent our best tags. They’re an embarrassment. Find a better solution.

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None of my content is behind a paywall, so I’m not sure why my tag thumbnails are blurred at all. I liked how they were before, a cropped image of the most recent work. It didn’t always crop in the best place, but I liked it as a teaser image to get people to click them.


thanks everyone! this feedback is very detailed, i’m tagging in @buster so he can read the full thread and we can discuss it later.

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This is such an issue that it’s going to cause Patreon to eventually fail.

You all need to fix your UI and make it more clear for both creators and users.

I am willing to personally use my time to help Patreon make a better UI, to even design it from scratch for them.

I have about 8 years of experience designing user flows and doing all sorts of tests tracking mouse movement, etc. When people get frustrated, they leave.

I would be willing to come in to Patreon’s literal offices for free and work with you all to help design something better. Or better yet, you could just have a contest for/with all your creators and/or Patron’s to design a better UI (just with pictures), then let everyone vote on what they felt the best UI was, or the best elements of the UIs were…And implement those… Problem solved.

Or an even better idea would be to give creators the ability to have much more customization over their specific user interface.

My Patreon’s and even I get lost trying to find posts from the past.

One day I realized this was such an issue, I went to the published posts section and I just loaded everything as I had the developer tab open in Google Chrome and scraped the json that was appearing. I loaded all of the posts I had ever made to get their URLs so that I could put them all into one post for everyone-and that’s a very sad thing to have to do.

The API could potentially solve this, but I don’t really want to send Patreon’s off-site and the API does not seem to have the ability to do many things, and it also has quite a few bugs…That just make it unattractive to have to deal with.

I get the feeling that Patreon are actually working hard on this problem and others, but I wish they would maybe converse with us more publicly and let us know what is happening, or if something is happening, and can it happen quite soon, possibly? It’s all about known unknowns and unknown unknowns at the moment. There’s just no point investing time and effort in growing an audience at present.

Well, I proposed solutions to accelerate that process in an exponentiated way.

I’m also still irked that we can’t put any sort of tracking analytics on our creator pages (3 years).

In fact, I just e-mailed the CEO about it.

It’d be great to know where users are coming from (just the referral url even)…

On Youtube, they give creators the ability to customize their front pages. You can, for example, choose to have a video, playlist, something else, something else, horizontal, vertical, block, etc. in any order you choose.

This gives customization without breaking too many things and is as easy to implement as going on github and finding some code.

Yes, Youtube has done that front-page really well and now that they have the new memberships, I’m wondering wether to go with that and keep everyone on the same site as that’s where my Patrons come from. If it’s successful on YT then they can only expand the offering for memberships. Do I jump ship now?

I wanted to boost this thread as this is something the product team are interested in learning more about, which is great! If you haven’t already, please share:

  1. What you specifically dislike about featured tags/categorization/content curation currently on Patreon?
  2. What function you’d ideally like?

I’ll expand on what I’ve already posted. I’ve been on Patreon since 2014, and post almost daily. I generally assign just one tag to each post, based on what project that post is talking about.

Right now, I have 37 tags, including 4 that are featured. That’s a lot of tags to sort through, especially when they aren’t listed, or able to be filtered, alphabetically, or by last used. Currently, my Oracle tag is listed at the top, with 67 posts—all of which were made over a year ago, when I was working on an oracle deck, which makes them old news now. The ability to sort tags so they’re relevant to what’s happening right now would be great. Giving patrons the ability to sort tags, to see what’s been updated lately, would also be great.

I’ve said this before, here and in other threads: blurring out images on featured tags does a HUGE disservice to those of us who are visual artists. One of the things I’m known for is my use of color. Dishing up bland, blurry things to represent my featured tags is just so wrong. If you must keep things uniform visually, change them to something solid, that matches the site theme.


@nathansm – could you explain how you did this to someone who doesn’t know jack about this stuff? I am working on making a “table of contents” for my Patreon stuff on my own website, just so folks can really find what they want quickly, but I realized I’m missing half of the links because one of my Featured Tags had vanished and I missed those posts… so now I’m thinking starting over would be faster… but what you describe here sounds a lot faster! :slight_smile:


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This is a great suggestion!

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