Merch for Membership: Now ships to the UK and Germany!

Merch for Membership: Now ships to the UK and Germany!

Hey everyone,

Happy holidays! Hope this finds you well as you’re closing out your year, thinking about what’s to come in 2020, and perhaps even spending the remaining weeks fulfilling your patron benefits for the year. I just wanted to pop in here to share some news!

Lots of y’all have been asking about more support for international shipping and I’m really excited to announce that we now ship to the UK and Germany! We now support patron merch shipping to the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK so all you have to do is upload your design, chose a merch item, and assign it to a tier.

When introduced Merch for Membership this summer with super limited availability , we did it with the intention to build it better, smarter, and easier so that it meets your needs. As we move into 2020, our product team is committed to doing just that — so that you can spend less time fulfilling, managing, and tracking merch for your patrons, and more time creating what you love.

What else would you want to see? Let us know! We’ve got some cool plans to make the merch service and feature better for you and all creators in 2020.

To see if you’re eligible for Merch at this time, head on over to your creator page editor.

Keep being awesome!

Anna at Patreon


Seriously? This is awesome - I had no idea Merch was available for Canadians too. :+1: Question (forgive me if it’s silly): I’m not sure how to actually use it. It says “check if you can use it” and it just brings me to my page. How can I use the Merch thing? I absolutely would like to try it.

Hello! Great question. Merch is currently being rolled out to creators who earn about $1k/month on the platform as the cost of the merchandise, and the additional 3%/month service fee, is deducted directly from your Patreon earnings. If you would like to get the full scoop, please check out this page:
Let me know if I can assist!

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Ah, thanks for the info! I’m waaaaaaay below 1k/month, so I don’t need to worry about it. For now. Great idea, though!