Merch Study in NYC (August)

I am going to be in NYC for a few days staring TODAY (Aug 2) and would love to chat with you and our newly formed merchandise team about how you think about merch on Patreon.

Would you be down to chat with me while I’m in town? I’d love to connect you with our NYC merch team, so you can have some face to face time and share your insights and experience with us.

If you’re interested, respond and I’ll set up a time with you.

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Hi! NYC creator here. Just bought my first round of merch, but am interested in patreon’s plans with that acquisition. Happy to meet up for coffee this week with someone from the team!

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In the event you’re still in town, i’m happy to chat.

I’m no longer in New York, but our merch team will be based here for the next few months. Thanks everyone!

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