Merch System Feedback

Welcome to the forum @agentredgirl, thanks for joining! We did consider that storefront option but as there are so many companies doing that really well today, we wanted to create something a little different that ties into Patreon membership and helps creators keep patrons around for longer.

@cuisine @SLim I can confirm t-shirts will be the next item we offer! I hate to give timelines as things can always change and get delayed but this is coming soon :slight_smile:

For the 3 months, we were imagining it being a surprise and delight moment for your loyal patrons. It can be viewed as a bonus perk for patrons as a thank you forstaying around for so long. They are still getting other items in that time frame, like being part of your patron community and access to patron-only content, and then after 3 months, a sticker or mug automatically arrives in their mail box!


@Momo thank you for the detailed feedback about your experience so far! I can’t wait to hear more once the items start going out and you hear from your patrons.

This is technically possible, but not as seamlessly as we would like. At the moment, you could achieve this by retiring the old item and adding new ones to the existing tiers. It would mean that instead of being a sequence where when a patron joins they get sticker A on month 3 and sticker B on month 6, they would start at current design and collect from there on.

That is how we were imagining it too! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

@psudonym Welcome to the forum! That is how it’s set up but currently shipping items every 3 months. We’re working on being able to change that frequency in the future.

@BourbonPursuit Welcome to the forum! Thank you for the feedback around cost and the items on offer.


I’d love to benefit from this system: I am just waiting for if you have much of an intent to bring out an option for 6-month or yearly cycles as opposed to 3.

I find that the minimum of 36 bucks worth of pledge is too much to ask from my Patrons within a 3-month period. If it were 6 months, that would be a done deal - even if you need to get more than +3% extra fees.

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I’d say I don’t think this is useful to me unless it’s a shopfront-style optional thing people can pay for - maybe with discounts on the shop for higher tier patrons. I understand the idea of a ‘Rewards’ system, but in all honesty if something I was subscribed to just randomly sent me a mug after three months, I might like it but I don’t know if that’s universal - what if I don’t even WANT a mug? I’d rather give my Patrons the choice.

I appreciate what you’re saying about other websites already doing this, but now I’m going to have to use one of those other websites and it feels clunky to link to an external shop rather than it being in-house within your system (which also allows the discount thing to be easily implemented). If you do get something like this going, I’d love to hear about it!