So, I write and produce the comic: RAGS and I rely on a print on demand service to print / fulfillment service. My patrons often ask for merchandise and I’d like to try out the Merchandise pilot program…
…except I don’t have the required 100k+ followers. However I DO make about $4k+ a month and I know that adding the merchandise tier would help bring in more income. Anyway is there way to circumvent this follower requirement? Its kind’ve…annoying.


Hey @RAGSCOMIC, welcome to the forum! Thanks for making the post. The 100k follower note is more of a guideline and certainly not a mandated requirement to be in Premium. If you feel that Premium could be a good fit for you, please apply here and someone from that team will be in touch. The merch pilot is still in the very early stages so it may not be the best fit for everyone, but the team can run through all the details with you, as well as the other perks of being in Premium, and you can decide what’s best :slight_smile:

Hey @RAGSCOMIC I’ve got a great print on demand team that I’ve been using for years and I use merch in my tiers. Hit me up if you want me to connect you:

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