Messages ride again

A patron just emailed me:

“I have all the notifications turned on, email and push, desktop and phone, and I just don’t get the notifications for these type of messages. Patreon’s system is just not reliable. I do like helping you with these sorts of things, and if you need someone immediately and no one else volunteers, then you know how to get in touch with me reliably. I’m always happy to help. But I can’t fix Patreon’s crappy software.”

Help me keep and establish healthy boundaries by restricting Patrons to messages & help them get those messages. Please.


Hi Kate, please can you write into Patreon support with more details about this? Things like what kind of message it was you were sending to your patrons, the patron username, and when this happened. That way they can investigate it further. Apologies, there’s not much I can do but the support team will be able to help :slight_smile: