Messaging Followers

I’d love a way to message people who are FOLLOWING me, but not supporting me yet. We need to be able to do outreach (since apparently it’s low priority for Patreon to offer a search function). These people are on the ecosystem already & should be turned into supporters; I shouldn’t have to stalk them to Twitter to invite them. That’s creepy.


Very much agreed. While i know we can find followers in the back end now, I don’t see any way to mass send messages to them (Heck, unless they are a patron you can’t seem to message them AT ALL which is seems counter intuitive to me) and it doesn’t seem to show an email for them either. (Maybe its in the CSV but who wants to have to download a file every time they want to message their followers??)

It would be really nice to have a way to send out an email or message blast to them every now and again. They ARE following and seeing public content you post, why can’t we communicate with them outside of public posts?

I can see a potential for abuse and I can only guess that’s what the team at Patreon are trying to figure out. I’ve had a couple of creators I follow demand I pledge or beg for pledges when I commented on a post. It was an uncomfortable feeling, like how dare I enjoy their free content and not pay?! It was aggressive and uncomfortable. I’ve heard other creators talk about how they hate talking to followers because it’s a waste of time and they’re on Patreon to get paid.

It’s kind of that “don’t talk to me unless you’re gonna pay, but here’s your daily spam demand for money” type of creator that makes me leery of Patreon enabling this feature before they’ve got that figured out.

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Hmmm this is true. It definitely has the potential for abuse, mind you, most everything does. I think it comes down to following and pledging to artists that have at least outward respect for all their fans and don’t make you uncomfortable. If they are going to push, that’s that creators specific problem that i don’t think is going to really change. I’d much rather just watch their other social outlets in that case and avoid the spam if they are going to abuse it. Maybe that is just me. XD You have a good point to consider though!


I don’t think it negates the fact that we need the ability to reach out to warm leads. If you’re already following us, that’s EXACTLY the person who we SHOULD be saying – hey, check out this cool stuff we’re working on.

Abuse happens. People can stop following / block / whatever. We’re grown ups.


My solution to communicating with followers is to occasionally talk to them within that day’s post. Like, “and hey, if you’re a follower, and want to show your appreciation for this free thing I’m posting, throw a dollar on the pledge pile”.

Also, as someone who also uses Kickstarter, I absolutely loathe that their PM system allows any registered user to message any other registered user. While Kickstarter’s community policy states it’s not OK to use the PM system for solicitation, that’s exactly how people use it. I am spammed mercilessly there, by people trying to get me to back their projects. I’d hate to have that happen on Patreon.


Damn, i’ve never had that kickstarter situation happen before at all. I only get emails and updates from the people i support/follow and i do so to -get- updates. I’ve never received communications from anyone but those people. D: That sounds terrible and really annoying.

I guess i can just try to use my posts to communicate with followers more directly.

Honestly, this would have to be opt-in IMO.

I would stop following creators pretty quickly otherwise.

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Agreed! I just finished a KS campaign and received over a dozen messages offering a promotion service for my project, and that’s not counting random non-backers writing to ask for advice, all of which cannot be blocked and are a serious pain. If such a system is implemented on Patreon, it needs to come with a robust block and report function so that offenders can be dissuaded. Or perhaps a privacy option where we can choose who can PM us (as available on Facebook).



While I definitely sympathize here, the business-hat is kinda like:


Look, people are gonna be dicks and try to hard sell – it’s a HARD JOB, what we do, and nursing warm leads is important. If I alienate 10 people, I alienate 10 people. If I convert ONE person, that’s one more latent follower who is now supporting me. I’m an ends justify the means gal – especially on something like this, where you, as an adult, can decide: naw, not following this anymore.

It’s not Patreon’s job to protect people from other people just doing their job.

OK, sure, but it is Patreon’s job to protect the followers I brought to the platform with me, from people who will abuse the PM system if access restrictions are relaxed. I’d prefer they not be alienated by a platform that allows people to spam them with unwanted requests for patronage.

If they’re already following me, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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You’re free to alienate your followers if you want to take that chance; we want to make sure followers and backers can’t be harrassed by people they’re not following/backing.

Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

This is exactly what has been discussed. People who are -already- following someone, are likely wanting to see updates and are already there to follow that person. Being able to message those people would be beneficial.

You said

Which is exactly whats being said, just in a different fashion. Whats being said is we only want to target people who are already following us, those who are already looking for and seeing updates that they opted in to seeing. Not people who aren’t.

I think we are all pretty much in agreement to the same thing but possibly are misunderstanding each others “e-tones” perhaps? (Maybe I’m wrong but I’m seeing the conversation kind of go around in circles now xD )

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@Temrin and @hackettkate Chill out please. The discussion having now moved to the wider issue described by @lisavollrath, this is what I was assuming you were responding to (and even looking back, it very much looks like it was), not the earlier context of solely messaging your own followers.

I was responding to you, @joumana. Your post above shows it has X replies. This forum setup isn’t the best as it doesn’t show who you replied to, if the person you replied to, posted just before you, which seems rather confusing so I’m sorry i didn’t make it clearer in my post.

I am in no way upset/frustrated/etc on this topic. I am simply having a discussion and in no way have any negative or ill intent with my words.

It seems it is confirmed now, at the very least my tone alone is being misinterpreted and i am sorry. My intention is to discuss, as adults, with businesses to run and manage, our thoughts on this particular issue. Telling someone to “Chill out” is never an effective way to actually accomplish that and I’m openly sating that if at any time my words make someone else upset or they come of negative, feel free to tell me so, my DMs are open to all as far as i know. I’m always happy to learn and improve my communication with you all. Otherwise, unless i state I’m frustrated and upset, please do not assume that i am because likely I’m just discussing the topic and my thoughts and that’s literally all there is to it and no malice is present. Misunderstanding or disagreeing doesn’t mean I’m pissed. Neither of those things should bring hostility either.

I sincerely apologize for coming off in a negative way and for any grievances i have caused by them. I will try to express things better.

Re: The topic: Then perhaps i am the one that misunderstood. Your post was written and (to me) sounded like there was agreement about the target audience of PMs, as quoted in my previous post, the followers and backers of a creator. At the same time there still seemed to be disagreement on the same thing, which is what prompted my response because contacting those who follow or back you and have literally opted-in to receive updates, is why the option to contact followers would be beneficial. This you seemed to agree with in your post saying you didn’t want people to be harassed by those they -don’t- follow or back.

I agree that abuse prevention is good. I do also agree that people are also adults and if they disagree with someones method of business or content, here or anywhere, they are capable and can stop following whomever they don’t wish to get notifications from as well. It’s not like creators will be forced to use the option if it existed. So yes, i am torn because these are all good points. I personally would love to be able to contact my followers with thank you’s and even gifts from time to time for being a fan. I fully realize that this system could be abused and become quite obnoxious for those on the receiving end of someone who just PMs to say “gimme money”. I wouldn’t want that either so opt-in options on the user end on who to receive PMs from is a really good suggestion to me. Having the power to block PM’s and still follow content if i like it is awesome. I’m also okay with trying to reach out to followers more just on public posts too, as i really didn’t think of that too much until it was suggested and it’s totally a viable option currently even if a private PM to say thank you would be nice.

I think the feedback here is very important, no matter what “side” of the argument its for. Heck it’s given me ideas to implement already just from this discussion and i’m actually pretty happy about it. So thank you all.

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I’m sure you didn’t mean to sound patronizing just now, but you did. I’m aware that you were responding to me, but also that you did not pay attention to what I was responding to (or what I was saying) since this entire response is completely redundant. I appreciate your dedication to explain things thoroughly, but there was nothing to explain. I can add nothing to my earlier statements, taken together they leave no room for misunderstanding.

It was not intended to be patronizing, no. Just because you wright something that you understand in it’s fullest and you understand the tone you wrote it in, does not mean your readers will be able to perceive it the way you intended. This goes for any kind of writing. (Heck, any creative media.) This is why I try to get better at it. There is always room for misunderstanding since neither of us can read minds.

if there is no place to talk and try to understand what I obviously seemed to have misunderstood and for us to come to better understanding, then i will take my leave of this particular thread with you. I am sorry for coming off as i did and I am sorry if i misunderstand further.