Mindy, my problem continues

Hi Mindy

Well … I have been in communication with my patron for several weeks, about this issue that I have asked here:

but this thread is closed on april 9th… so I open a new one, as my problem is not closed.

Three weeks ago my patron receives a message asking patience, because in covid times, there is a lot of NEW creators to help. Ok she have patience…and I take my time to send her manually every information on my channel, that she normally will acceed

Yesterday she received this email from support (in english of course… any spanish speaker there.)

Hi there,

I looked into this for you, and it appears as though our messages were being rejected by your email server. This typically happens when Patreon emails are directed into the spam or junk folder for an extended period of time.

You should start to receive our device verification emails when you attempt to sign in moving forward.

If you continue to run into issues receiving our emails, you can find additional tips here: I’m not receiving e-mails from Patreon. What’s happening?

I hope this helps you out. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any other concerns or issues.

Wishing you the best. Stay safe and healthy!


No , it has helped not for her. Triying back without succes , she explains to me , in spanish this (sic)

“ …Despite someone says have looked into my trouble, they have not…I look always at every mail folder (including spam!), but that is not the question. The issue is not that patreon have sent messages and they have been rejected or sent to my spam, The thing is that I can enter, I have access because my image and my name appear, but the all contents are blocked for me

My question to patreon was that I could enter the channel, that I have my payments up to date but I cannot access content. Why???

I send you the answer from platform in case I do not interpret the message well, which may be, but it certainly does not give any answer to my problem.

Now I’m back in the platform , and is the the same. thing.

Patricia can you help me? “

Well I can not…So…can you help her?

I think otherwise she will definitive cancel the account as logically is not happy with the service she is paying for.
Is not the first Patreon that leaves off and on exit surveys mark this option “ I’m not happy with Patreon’s features or services “ which is solely under you ,and not about the quality of my contents.

PLease solve this. Otherwise, who will start to think that the platform is not worth it will be me (I have to remember that you charge for every patron that we bring- every work that we upload here a commission? this is ok, if when a trouble happens you solve as platform…not if you did´nt . Patreon is not the only company capable of monetizing our work … so it must be the best, otherwise, creators we can also migrate… as our unhappy patrons.

thanks and stay safe.

Hey @patdelavega, thanks for the post. I am truly very sorry for the trouble your patron is having. I do want to help but all of my work is with creators so it’s really very hard for me to help someone who is two persons removed. I’m going to DM you to get more of the patrons info so I can at least make sure your patron continues getting the support they need from our support team.

In the meantime, I would recommend that you inform the patron to reply to previous correspondence with the support team stating that they are still running into trouble. They could also reach out to their email provider to see what may be the issue as this is not something that is impacting a lot of patrons.