Mindy on Vacation - July 2019

Hey folks! I’m going on vacation for 2 weeks to see my family in England. I’m looking forward to a bit of Wimbledon, Pimms, scones, long train rides and lovely cloudy British summer.

During this time, if you have an issue please write into Patreon Support so they can help you. I would recommend doing this for any kind of technical question, account help, or bug. For product requests and feature ideas, they can still be here and I’ll fully catch up when I return. For any emergencies or major issues, please @ or message @camhupp, who works for Patreon and is here to help while I’m out. You can also email community@patreon.com which is being monitored by others and I’ll fully go through when I get back.

See you soon! :slight_smile:


Have a nice time there!

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I hope you have a great time! Thanks!

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