Missing Email Notifications

I made a suggestion about this in the past before the PatreonCommunity site was a thing but it still hasn’t been resolved so figure time to post it on here as well.

We don’t get emails when we lose a patron. And there’s no option for it, ideally there would be an option to turn it on or off depending on how we want it. There’s an option for when we get a new patron, why not yet for when we lose one? It’s all the more important to know when the number is going down.

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Hi there! I double checked with the product team on this one. When someone changes or deletes their pledge, the creator is informed in the notification tab on the app and desktop. No email is sent out but this information can be found somewhere! I hope that helps. You can also see this in your relationship manager > filter by deleted patrons.

Yes but it’d be great if like with gaining a new patron we also had the option to receive an email. Some of us just prefer email notifications like that.

@mindy it’s been a hot topic here on the forums about how messed up the notifications are. Sure, the notifications might display someone who’s left, but it’s not consistent. Ive seen them randomly not show people I know who have left and if you don’t check right away and a few other updates in that section happen, view more button often screws up and doesn’t actually show more but duplicates of the ones you’ve already seen (or other wierdness)

If we get an email for those who pledge, we should get an email for those who leave, or have that option. Its just as important fkr us to know this information. Heck I’ve had people pledge and the notifications not show it and I have to search into the current patrons to try and figure it out. Those emails are a backup when the Patreon system fails and much easier to keep up with for many who don’t use the mobile app in all its glitchiness. Emails are also easy to archive for those of us who like to keep an easier record than having to export stuff in the Patreon back end.

Hear hear! If you’re going to make us rely on the notifications, then they need to work correctly! Right now, the notifications are definitely buggy. Email makes a very good backup, and I agree with the point about archiving!

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I’ve complained before that I want to see both PLEDGE and UNPLEDGE notifications AND EMAILS! Even if somebody pledges and unpledges an hour later, then I want to see BOTH notifications! (Presently in that case all record disappears from the Patreon site; I only have the pledge e-mail as a sanity check.) Why do I want that? Because I may have already taken action on their pledge when it came through, and then I need to take action again on their unpledge even if they were never charged.

I maintain a separate Google Sheet of patrons JUST FOR THIS PURPOSE – because the Patreon patron list and notification page can’t be trusted to show what actually happened. How dumb is that?

New Issue Today:
A patron upgraded their pledge last night (I got the e-mail at 12:43 AM Eastern time on July 1). That was my only change last night. The Notifications page shows “+$1.99 pledges for July”. But the June Patron list (Patron Manager / June 2018) shows the person at their new pledge. So really, it’s being treated as a JUNE pledge by the financial back-end, but the Notifications screen shows it as a change for JULY. Can’t these two parts of the system use the SAME DATE CALCULATIONS for a pledge / pledge change?!?