Missing Notifications for Dropped Pledges

This has happened to me several times now, and I’m wondering what is causing it. Let me explain…

I have had several Patrons pledge.
Their amount pledged, and who they are show up in notifications when they pledge.
My Patrons numbers show the added Patron, as does my funding level.
Later on in the month, they drop their pledge.
Except now, it doesn’t show in my notifications. It doesn’t show them pledging in the first place, and yet, my numbers of Patrons decrease, as does my income.

But, there is no notification of this, nor who it is that dropped.
Is this a bug? Bots?
Anyone else experience this?

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yes please

Augh, yes. The notification panel is super glitchy and doesn’t give me the notifications i need. I end up having to dig into the admin panels to find even a glimpse of why my numbers are off :confused:

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Yes, the notification panel definitely seems glitchy!

I’d also like some sort of notification when a patron goes “on hold” for a month. Right now they disappear from the monthly patron summaries and from the relationship manager (while on hold), but still appear in the “your patrons” list.


This! Makes it really confusing :confused: