Missing Payout

I never received my actual payout email. Only this email which upon contacting PayPal, reading a PayPal forum and talking to some friends, I have concluded isn’t real.

But now I am missing money from my payout and I am wondering, how did the apparent scam email get the exact amount of payout and send it out exactly after I withdrew the payout?

EDIT: I actually contacted PayPal THRICE and they claim this payout doesn’t exist so please don’t tell me to call PayPal because they have been extremely unhelpful.

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Hi there @kathtea, thanks for making the post. I checked with our team and this looks like something to contact PayPal about. From Patreon’s side, your payout went to the same place as it always does and we can see that it is currently unclaimed. Nothing has changed on our side so you should contact PayPal to find out what this email is about. Hope that helps!

I already contacted them and they told me to contact you because they have no record of the transaction ever taking place. Can you please contact PayPal about this because they refuse to help me.

Edit: @mindy I said here that I contacted PayPal already. So what now?

Hi @kathtea, thanks for your patience while we figure this one out. The team let me know they cancelled that PayPal payout and reversed the funds back into your balance. Please double check all the payout info just to be safe. even though it all looks good to us. Once you have confirmed the info is correct, you can pay yourself out again. Let me know if you need any further help :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I hope this doesn’t happen again. If it does I will contact you again.

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You’re welcome! Feel free to DM anytime if you need help with anything :slight_smile: