Missing Payouts - Payoneer/Patreon Customer Service Woeful

Hi Everyone,
I don’t usually take to this kind of platform but I’m completely frustrated with Patreon and Payoneer’s customer service to existing creators.
On 2nd November I made a significant drawdown of funds to Payoneer who cancelled the transaction because of verification issues.
This was followed up by a second and third cancelled withdrawal of funds despite being told by Payoneer there was nothing wrong with my account. I was told the funds would be returned to my Patreon account within 10 days (Why so long?) The funds are still missing!
Tickets have been raised with both Patreon and Payoneer and members of staff politely quote their rules and blame each other yet the funds are still missing from my account.
There is no urgency despite this being a primary source of income for me.
Patreon: You need some kind of triage and escalation procedure to help people who are stuck in a “Please raise a ticket” scenario. I’m unable to speak directly to anyone who can help and have to wait for tickets to be answered.
I am missing more than $1500 and have no way of paying bills until I can access these funds.
Somebody at Patreon please take ownership of this issue and help me.

Thank you.

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I have the exact same problem with Payoneer !
On 2nd November, they decided my infos suddenly weren’t relevant and they blocked my Money telling me to send them endlessly my old ID CARD and a proof of residence they always refuses. I’m tired of receiving ticket number from all side.

I’m having these issues as well, with over 10k floating somewhere in internet space. I regret switching from PayPal to Payoneer :dizzy_face:

Hey all, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’ve escalated this to the payments team! I will update you as we go. Thanks for your patience.

Hi Reyna,
I appreciate your intervention in this. This is the first major issue I have had with the system but it has shaken my confidence to the core.
There really needs to be a better system in place to help Patreon creators manage and monitor these kinds of issues. It may not seem like a big sum but for many of us it is our main source of income and having a paycheck delayed by a month causes serious hardship for some.
Could I respectfully suggest someone takes ownership of the individual issues and corresponds directly with the creator so we don’t feel as if Patreon doesn’t care. I know this isn’t the case but constantly waiting for tickets to be answered and feeling like you’re on the bottom of the pile again is not good for your business.
I am still waiting for any further comms and more importantly, I’m still waiting for my money from which, no doubt, Patreon has already had its cut!
Stewart Spinks
Beekeeper and Content Creator

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It has shaken my confidence as well. They’re blocking a big sum of money. I’ve never had these issues with PayPal, and even though PayPal is costing me a lot of money in the long run, I guess I’ll have to switch back. I hope I’ll be seeing my payout on Payoneer in the coming days :confused:

I’m happy to say I was able to figure it out with Payoneer. It’s super hard to get in touch with their help desk though.

Hi ArtwithFlo,
I’m glad your situation has been resolved. I am still waiting for Patreon to respond to my now very urgent issue. Not only am I missing my November Payout but they have now blocked my December payout citing I’m using the wrong PayPal email address when I am not.

This is becoming a really serious situation and shaking my confidence and trust in Patreon to the core.

Patreon Support please take note, it is not ok to keep creators waiting for over a month for them to receive the money that their supporters have paid to them in good faith.

Stewart Spinks

@reyna Reyna (Patreon Community Manager),

I have followed all of the instructions given to me by Patreon and Payoneer. I have changed my payout method from Payoneer to PayPal and now Patreon is saying I am using an incorrect email address which I am not.
There is something very serious going on with the way payouts are being handled by Patreon. I am now two monthly payments missing totally more than $2k and this is a huge part of my personal income which I cannot afford to be without, especially at this time of year.

Despite your post, escalating the issue to your payments department, I have had no contact from them.

This is not some frivolous issue, this goes to the core of the trust relationship between Patreon and the creators who work so hard for their communities yet Patreon seems to treat us with contempt and won’t engage or resolve the issues with the urgency it demands.

Please Help!

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@reyna To add more confusion to this problem, the option to use Payoneer has now been removed from my account and only Paypal can be used for drawdown but it continues to say my email address is incorrect which it isn’t.
These issues first started on 5th November and I have been without income since that date. PatreonSupport on Twitter are of no help either, basically telling me to be patient!

I’m trying not to panic but this is getting very serious for me.

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Hi @norfolk-honey, I’m chatting with the payments team right now to see if there’s a different underlying issue in your account. I will send you a DM with the updates I have! Please check your inbox.

Thank you for investigating this issue. I have now managed to drawdown the current balance via PayPal but the November total is still missing and Payoneer assure me they have returned it to Patreon.


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Thanks for the update. Following up here via DM.

@reyna Hi Reyna, another week and still no contact from Patreon regarding my missing funds.

Hi @norfolk-honey - I’ll continue the conversation via DM so I can get your ticket info. Thanks