Mixed Campaigns - Per Creation AND Monthly

Migrating to a monthly campaign will slaughter me financially because my campaign has built up based on 10 releases per month for 7 years now. Begging my patrons to switch to a single payment that is 10x larger than the per-creation payment proved to only convert under 25% of my patrons to that model. Which means I can’t make the switch without giving up on being a full-time creator and going back to having a day job.

What I would LOVE is the ability to have both “per creation” and “per month” memberships in the same campaign. That way I can push new patrons to the “per month” model while keeping my old patrons in the “per creation” model by slowly unpublishing the per creation tiers and promoting the per month tiers.

I can see no other roadmap to a successful migration to a monthly campaign for my work.

This would also open up all the new stuff that Patreon keeps adding to the site features but which those of us who started here before monthly campaigns were an option cannot access.


I have only a few per creation Patrons - everyone else has capped their pledge. But per creation is how I get myself to create more than one Thing. I’d be really bummed to see it end. Also I know several per creation creators who rely on many Things per month as well. Please do a phase out if you must, though I really do prefer to be paid by the Thing - it’s very motivating to me!

Same. I love working “per creation”, but all the new features that Patreon releases are not available to per creation creators. A mixed campaign where you can have both types of patrons would be a dream.


I 100% agree. I’ve had patrons ask if they can pay per creation, esp during this time when finances are tight for everyone and not everyone can afford a monthly subscription. It would be wonderful to offer both. It’s a win-win for everyone, including Patreon.

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