Mobile: ALL Rewards show, including unpublished ones

So this is a weird and troublesome issue. I’m not sure if maybe it’s because I’m the creator of the page or not, but on mobile, ALL my rewards in the system, even unpublished ones show up in the reward list. All of them are clickable, and i’ve gone as far as the payment confirmation screen on tiers that SHOULDN’T EXIST on my project right now which is super concerning. D: People should not be able to pick my unpublished tiers.

Example: This tier is unpublished and has been for a while now

And when i click it and go to the next pages, i am also able to confirm the amount and confirm the pledge (I have no idea if it would actually go through but i’m not going to go that far. This shouldn’t show up at all. It doesn’t show up for me, logged in, on desktop. This is a back end editing thing and is extremely confusing that it’s showing up at all.) :confused:


Investigating! It may take a little while, but I’ve got feelers out to the mobile team this AM.

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No problem! Thanks Carla :slight_smile:

The team is investigating and filing a bug (because this isn’t only showing up on mobile for some other profiles), but one thing to know is this is not visible from the patron’s POV. It’s still confusing though, so we should fix this in the future.

I’m glad patrons don’t see it in this case!

I have noticed that unpublished tiers show up on a patreon page both to patrons -and- creators if there is still someone pledged to them. I’m not sure if this is on purpose but it is also confusing. (Noticed this on desktop computers specifically and had a bought of trouble with it confusing both myself and my patrons because it wasn’t clickable and they knew it wasn’t a live tier anymore because i had made a post about changes.) The person pledged to it just hadn’t chosen a new tier yet.

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