Mobile App Feedback

Been trying the updated mobile app for a while now, and am noticing somethings:

  • “My Memberships” list is missing some of the people I am a member of, along with a decent amount of the accounts I am following
  • some of posts are missing from my feed (not sure if they are just omitted or it isn’t the latest entries, but looking more like the former of the two)
  • There’s no notification number, way to determine unread posts, etc. in the case I accidentally clear my notifications and not see all the posts I wanted to.
  • When I click a notification to load a post, there’s no in-post details about which user posted it, what time the post was, the year, etc.

Not sure which of these are bugs, requests or pet peeves, so sorry for the mess as far as that is concerned.

Feel free to merge this with another thread if one is more appropriate for it.

  • Seconded on the “My memberships” missing folks. On my app, NONE of the people that show up, are people i actually pledge to. They are all just creators i follow. This is super confusing since on desktop this is where to find the folks you pledge to. I could find these people in the previous UI just fine but no more.

  • I still need a comprehensive list of people i follow though because i like to check out peoples pages and they aren’t always searchable but if I’m already pledged to them, i can view them, NSFW or not.

  • Seconded on the number of new posts. We used to have that. No i just have to aimlessness scroll through the feed to see if i missed something. Don’t get me wrong, i LIKE the dashboard scroll. it’s similar to desktop and i dig it. It would just be nice to have some sort of thing on those posts sayings its new (on desktop AND mobile honestly. Some sort of orange flare on the post to show me its new.)

  • When you view a post on mobile, there is no way to get back to the artists page. On desktop, it shows the artists username/icon and is clickable to go back to their page. You can only go back to their page currently if you had their page open first and then viewed a post. This is impossible when opening a push notifications. Going back just puts you back to the home screen or whatever you had open before. There is no way to go to the creators page from the posts. I need to be able to go to their page from the post! Again this is especially a pain in the butt when the artist is NSFW. you can’t search them to get to their page. But their notifications still come through.

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Thanks for kicking this thread off @grifkuba and @Temrin! Can you please mention what device you’re on? That will help me ensure I passing this to either the iOS or Android team. Thank you so much!

Android here :slight_smile: Thanks Mindy!

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Sorry for the Delayed response.

I’m on Android as well.

All My memberships have started showing up in the app.

Thank you for the fix there.

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I’m on ioS.

Unable to schedule posts.
Barely able to use Drafts.
No message management.
Tags are often broken when clicking through from another post.