Monthly Patreon Group Polls

Hey! I was thinking about doing a monthly Patreon poll where the patrons get to vote on what movies and TV shows I get to review for the Reviews 2.0 series. But the thing about this is that I was wondering about how I can making the polls more fair for all the patrons.

I have a $1 tier where you can just become a patron and have your name shown at the end of each video. But I also have a $5 tier where anyone who pays the $5 tier will be able to make requests for movies and TV shows and even topics for me to talk about or review.

So, I was wondering how can I make the polls available to all patrons and be fair to all patrons without prioritizing one set of patrons over the other?

I actually do a weekly poll for my Patrons allowing them to choose a set of pictures I will post on Saturday. What I do is do the post for one tier each week. So first week of the month is for $100+ patrons, second week for $25+, third week for $50+ and fourth week for $10+. That way every tier gets a chance to vote and see the end result.

A bit more difficult with a monthly poll but maybe you could change the voting tier every month or give the voting rights to a higher Tier and let all patrons profit from the review…

Sounds great! I’ll try that in my polls!