Monthly patron subscribers to pay on the day they subscribe?

Hey guys, I’m Sheldene, my creator page is Sheldene Fine Art.
I currently have about 122 supporters and things are growing well. I have however noticed that a few supporters will decrease their pledges just before the payment date or some will even delete their pledges and re-subscribe after the payment date. I’d like to know how many other creators are facing this problem and if Patreon will consider having subscribers pay the first payment on the day that they first subscribe and then on a set day of the month from there onwards. Or perhaps month to month for each patron from their day of subscription.


Hello Sheldene!
There is the “pay up front” method, where you can charge your patrons the day they pledge.
For more information and how to enable it you can find more information here (from patreon’s zendesk).
Although your current supporters will be charged at the end of the month, so they still will be able to edit their pledges, but when they pledge again they will be instantly charged.
It’s the most fair way to charge your patrons and personally I enabled it at the moment it became available to me.


Thank you so much for letting me know about this. I agree it is a very fair way to charge patrons. I have enabled the function and appreciate you taking the time to tell me about it.


I really hope that this becomes available to me soon! A lot of my patrons are dropping since they don’t get charged right away and end up having to wait for content!