Moving to Patreon from Network for Good

In addition to my own creative work on my patreon community, I work for a non-profit media hub/podcast. We have been using Network for Good as our means of collecting donations and keeping track of all of that stuff for the last 10 years.

I have been chatting with my team about moving the whole thing over to Patreon for numerous reasons, but they are worried about losing all of the donor history that we have over at Network for Good. Has anyone else made this transition and have any tips, experiences, etc to share?

Let me know and thanks!!

(pssssssst @carla I’d love your thoughts on this too, if you have any!)

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Oh interesting. I don’t have a ton of good ideas about donor history, apart from the fact that you’d be able to export your donors by name from Patreon and do some matching outside of the system.

I wonder if this might work better with Memberful (one of the companies we bought last year) - I am a little less familiar with their product, and I know it’s just a lightweight plugin – and it might provide more value.

I’ll keep thinking about this Michael.