Multi-chapter posts

Hello all,

I’m sure this has come up before, but I’m a writer who writes multi-chaptered stories and novels. These stories are updated near-daily and frequently feature sixteen chapters or more.

You know what Patreon doesn’t have?

A Next Chapter button.

There are so many Creators who desperately need this function to keep some semblance of order for our Patrons. The lack of ease of access is starting by it hit my patron count and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Please please please, all I want for the Holidays is a Next Chapter button.


As someone who posts a comic, I would love this too. I currently manually do the navigation, which can be a pain if I forget, if the links break, etc.

I’d also love to make a pinned post with all the pages linked, but those can only be patron-only, whereas my comic is free to read x/


You’re not the only one! I’ve lost patrons due to the lack of ease in reading my novels on the platform. I have an index but its still frhsting to read with ease. Please…please can we have a next chapter function, story mode or something?


We do desperately need this. I made myself a personal wishlist of all the features for writing I wish Patreon had and this is at the top. It would streamline things so much if I had a way to cluster my chapters together under a single umbrella of sorts for each story so that my readers don’t have to slog through hundreds of posts looking for the next chapter if they’ve fallen behind or are pledging late.

Please, Patreon, if there’s any way at all to implement either a next chapter button/link to connect posts, or even just a way to create folders that we can pin to the top of our feeds, this would be so helpful for creative writers and for other creators too, I’m sure. :pleading_face: