Multi-Currency: Relationship Manager export always shows USD

When I go to the Relationship Manager and do a CSV export of my active Patrons, the report always shows USD as the currency, even when I know the Patron has signed up in a different currency. The pledge amount also shows a USD amount which mostly seems to correspond to the Creator currency Tier amount, even though the Patron actually pledged a different amount in either GBP or EUR.

The report should show the amount and currency as pledged by the Patron.


Related, Patreon’s notifications on multi-currency changes are odd.

I got a notification on my dashboard last month that someone changed their pledge like this: “$5 per month ➞ $3 per month”

However, that was someone converting from USD to GBP while also lowering their pledge tier, so this feels misleading.

Thanks for the feedback @AndrewD and @Doctacosa! I’ll have to check back with the team to see if this is a bug, or done purposefully. In the mean time - you can sign up for the PRM beta group to get early access to the new Patreon Relationship Manager and give feedback directly to the team building these features.

Check it out here: Join the Patreon Relationship Manager beta group