For me the most frustrating thing is, that the information, that it WILL affect old patrons if they change their currency aswell comes at the very end of the article after it stated numerous times that it won’t affect them.

Long, hard experience has shown that things do not usually work the way Patreon promises when they roll out a new feature (of course, given the instability these past two weeks, I’m not sure what to think of the platform).

“As of today you can choose to let your audience and patrons pledge their local currency” thats not really correct is it. It’s not right to say its a choice.

Hey Patron folks. I love your product but sometimes, like everyone you get things wrong. If everybody on this thread could actually chose to use or not the new feature all this frustration would disappear. As we would presumably all just flick it to off and go back to whatever we were busy doing beforehand.
I gave up reading down to find if my issue was already here. The new multicurrency feature is generating the need for us to re-engineer our own business systems that use Patreon messaging as a feed of customer patron data. So its just a big unwanted expense.

I’d like to be able to opt out, but can you help me to understand your position. I do care about you and the people who work there. Even if we’ve never met you are making something that’s mostly really good. What is actually holding you back from simply adding an on off button for the feature?


I have a question concerning unpublishing tiers and currency changes:

If I unpublish all tiers with existing patrons, they should be locked in their old pledges right?

My plan of action right now is to simply create new tiers with the same benefits and new tier prices in euros for new patreons, while the old ones - if they choose to switch to euros - will just pay their old pledge amount in euros.

Would this work or end in chaos? Input is greatly appreciated!

It will work. I’ve done that with a deprecated tier. BUT, new subscribers won’t have access to posts on old tiers and the only way to fix that is manually edit every freaking post.

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Thank you! Editing every post - that’s gonna be fun >.<

  • I have made new tiers with new Euro prices.
  • I unpublished all old tiers and changed the old USD prices to their equivalent in Euros.
  • And now it looks like the old patrons who stay in the old unpublished tiers but change to euros are STILL being charged the new prices from tiers they aren’t even in?


Does the update just takes more time than ~ 20 hours?
Does it simply not matter which tier the patron is in, as soon as they change currency they will have to pay some made up number that i didn’t set?
Am I just slowly going insane?


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You now have literally no control over the prices seen by your Patrons. This is a mix of them being able to choose a currency (conversion rate formula) and not being able to set tax-inclusive tier prices (VAT and US Sales Tax are added to the displayed price).

Patreon must collect the legally mandated taxes, but they have options in that regard. Tax-inclusive tiers would solve that, and we, the Creators, would then have control.

In addition, we should be able to determine the currency we wish displayed. Patreon disagrees.

Hi @Katrin_Ils, I’m sorry for my delay! I will try to answer your questions in the order they were asked.

  • You have full control of your tier prices. If you change to EUR, keep your tier prices the same and a patron changes to also pay you in EUR, they will pay exactly the tier price you set and save themselves from foreign transaction fees.
  • Our payment processing fees are comparable to other companies processing rates.
  • Your tier price will only be €2,31 if you set it that way. You can choose to make your tier prices whatever you want - e.g. €1, €3, €10.
  • In terms of the benefit, creators are paying an average of 2-2.5% to pay out with their currency payout provider if they are being paid in one currency then converting to another. You shouldn’t be paying more fees yourself if both you and your local patrons switch to Euros.
  • For your unpublished tiers, if you updated your unpublished tier price, than the patrons in that tier will be pledging at the new price you’ve set.

I’m sorry this process is so confusing. This Help Article is ver helpful for understanding how your tier prices are converted, and includes a price book for how common tier prices will be priced in different currencies. Just scroll down to “How your tier prices are converted”.

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Not true. I can only control my prices in USD if my patron pays in USD. If my patron pays in £ or €, Patreon sets the price of the tier per a formula which they control.

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Thank you for your answer!

The problem is, that I can’t control tier prices.
I changed all the old tier prices when I switched currencys but patrons who switch currency as well are paying the conversion tier price patreon made up not the one I made for the tier as the picture in my previous post shows.

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