Multiple Patreon Accounts Allowed?

It is possible I’m in an unusual position. I want to keep my Patreon account focused only on being a creator. However there are other campaigns I’d like to support. If I do that from my Patreon account, then my pledges get deducted from the incoming $$ my patrons give to me. That’s not acceptable.

My idea/hope is to be able to set up a 2nd Patreon account that I would use only for supporting other creators that I like.

  1. Does anyone know if Patreon allows users to have more than 1 account?

  2. Is anyone else in the same situation as I and have you tried using a 2nd account or are you considering using a 2nd account in the way that I’m thinking about?

I did look in the ToS, the community guidelines, and the helpdesk. Couldn’t find anything in any of those places stating users cannot have multiple accounts. Also couldn’t find anything stating users can have more than one account.

Hoping to find some answers.

Thank you all in advance for your help.


Yes you’re allowed to have another account :slight_smile: I was considering the same and asked some time back. You just need to create it with another email address and the accounts will be quite separate.


No the OP, but thanks for answering joumana. I’m also thinking of doing this - I’ve been putting off pledging so some creators because it simplifies my tax return to only make work-related pledges. A second non-creator account seems like it’d be just the ticket for that.

This is a great idea. I was thinking about having several accounts that were for supporting different things. Plus I sometimes like to keep my private life out of other social media. For example one account for fam and friends that support me and know me, then one for those who know me online somewhat too.