Multiple Tiers?

Hi Everyone,

(Apologies if this is the wrong category - wasn’t sure where to put it.)

I’m expanding my Patreon page and I want to add a new tier. However, since this new tier concerns something slightly different in nature to what I’ve previously been offering, I’ve got a dilemma: if I offer it as part of the current tier setup, then there may be current/potential patrons who aren’t interested; but if I keep it as a separate tier, then there maybe current/potential patrons who are; but if I do both (offer it as built in to current tiers and as a stand alone tier), then it starts to make things overly complicated.

I’m assuming that it’s not currently possible for a patron to support two tiers at once - is that right?

Any advice?



Best advice I can give is to poll your patrons/fans on patreon to see what they want. And even if you do post it to the previous tier, those people will be informed before hand by the poll and discussion and can pretty much just ignore it if they aren’t
interested. It’ll be less likely to drive people away if you make it a known possibility and tall to them.

Thanks, @Temrin. Yes, polling is a good idea - though I only have very few patrons at the moment, so not sure how meaningful it’ll be. We’ll see. :slight_smile: