Multiple versions of the same post for different tiers. Does it make sense?

I am new to Patron, and I am thinking to publish multiple versions of the same post dedicated to different Patrons/Tiers

For instance:

  • The YouTube video for the $1 tier
  • The Ad-free audio + download link for the $7 tier

But what I am not sure is if this would end up in a crowded stream of contents that look duplicated.
I see that I can choose to which tiers show each post, still there is no demo to visit the page as a certain patron/tier, only to visit it as a public user, not a patron, so I am not sure what the final result will be, since I am going to posts a lot of contents there.

If anyone has experience with this, any suggestion is appreciated.


Your easiest and simplest way to arrange multiple tiers is the ladder. The least reward would go to your most thrifty tier, then the next tier up would get their own content plus everything the lower tier is getting, the next tier after than would add more goodies and also allow the subscriber to access everything given to all of the lower tiers, etc until you run out of tiers.

That makes total sense. But in many cases I have video with ads. My lowest tier is $1 and that is just for general support, I wanted to post on Patreon for them the same videos I have on Youtube. Moving up the ladder I’d like to give to the next tier’s patrons the same videos without ads and with a download link.
So it’s kind of a duplicated content.

Someone who is not a Patron will see blurred out boxes with “Join the Patreon to view” messages no matter what the content of your post actually is.

Each tier will see that also if they don’t have access to the post in question. So your $1 tier patrons will see the “join this tier” message on the $7 posts.

So, unless you use exactly the same title for all of your posts, the content won’t look “duplicated” it will look obfuscated, which is to be expected for the way Patreon does things.

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So I guess my tier $7 patrons will see obfuscated the posts reserved to tier $1 patrons as well (even if it’s basically the same content, just tier $7 posts are without ads and with a download link).