Music Notation page flagged as "adult content"

I just received a notice from the Trust & Safety team that my account has been flagged as adult content. I post on my Patreon the same videos I post here on my YouTube channel:

There is nothing remotely adult/inappropriate. It’s just sheet music. Has this happened to anyone else?

:frowning: I hope this gets resolved quickly, this isn’t good for Patreon or its creators to have its automated flagging system running wild.

Hey @TimothyGondola, thanks for making this post and welcome the forum. I took a look at your account and you no longer appear to be marked as 18+. However if you have any questions, please email and the team will be happy to help. The Trust and Safety team is proudly ran 100% by humans, no automated systems, so this probably got cleared up quickly. Thanks!

Hi Mindy, thanks so much glad this got cleared up!

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