My 2nd Special Offer is Now Live

As part of my promotion for my newest instrumental fingerstyle guitar recording, I’m offering my 2nd Special Offer Campaign: Get a Co-Producer Credit.

Patrons at the $20 level get this credit as well as a digital copy of the CD. This sponsorship level also gets a monthly discount coupon in my on-line store and I will offer them a special deal there, too.

This is only running one-week: April 25-May 1. In part because of the CD production schedule, but also piggybacking with the conclusion of my April Month-long Class 30 Days of Dulcimer Joy which has had a very encouraging response (20 students registered and 13 have continued in the class as patrons of that tier.)

Having this campaign where it is is seeking to engage current patrons, AND those on the fence.

Day one patron has already encouraged one current patron to increase the pledge to reach this level!

I’ve created the headers for Patreon, Twitter, FB and started my Insta—>FB—>Twitter campaign.

Next will be the email notifications to my lists.

Anything else I’m missing?

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Hi Steve!

Excited to hear that you’ve already had success getting a current patron to bump their pledge–I hope you have seen some more bumps since then as well! I think that you have a great special offer here and have a good sense of what you need to be doing with the special headers and campaigns for your social and email lists. Just make sure you count down the days till the special offer ends so that people are reminded of their limited window. Otherwise–I’ve heard from several creators that announcing a group goal on the last day has been very effective. For example, a creator shared here a while back that they had launched a special offer and gained 20 new patrons over the course of a week or so, and on the final day he announced that if he received 20 more patrons that by the end of the special offer that night–everyone would get TWO pins instead of one! And it worked! He hit his goal. Of course, this is just an idea, but if it interests you feel free to get creative and make it your own.

Best of luck and keep us posted!


Hi Cassidy, a Group Goal is a terrific idea that I had not thought of before. I’ll ponder that but right now don’t have an idea for what the reward would be.

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Hi Steve, Happy that you like this idea! Because you are doing producer credits and a digital copy of the CD, which is very different than the example I gave with doubling the pins, feel free to just explore the idea and see what might make sense to you with what you are already providing. You don’t want it to be too much extra work or an additional cost, so spend some time thinking about what could be exciting for your patrons. Maybe you do a special release of some archived songs? A cover of your patrons choice? I special live stream? You know yourself and your audience best so just make sure it is something that feels authentic and exciting to you without being too time consuming or expensive.

Hope this helps!

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