My account is temporary suspended and being review by Trust & Safety team. Please help!

I just got an e-mail around 4 hrs ago about that my account’s temporary suspended. From this point, I try to act as fast as I can by contact them through e-mail.
However, I try to delete my old contents that I think it might be flag as risky. But I have no idea that it will be good enough? Or should i wait for the Trust & Safety team to reply back first?
Could some support or someone please help me being through this situation?

Best regards

From my understanding, the trust and safety team intends to work with creator pages. Total takedowns are only a last resort.

Don’t panic, just work with them and ask them for specifics if you need. They’ll tell you what you need to change to keep your page up to acceptable standards.

Sometimes it’s as simple as changing your banner / tier images.

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Same thing happened to me. I believe they added a couple of lines in their community guidelines:
“We also require that all public content on your page be appropriate for all audiences. Content with mature themes must be marked as a patron-only post.”

I went through a warning last year where they detailed more specifically what pictures could not be posted. Penetration, masturbation, and ‘vagina play’ (no mention of penis play…lol). I complied, and all was well. None of the emails exchanged mentioned marking all mature themes posts patron only, I checked. So this feels like a new policy to me, but I could have missed it/they didn’t enforce it.

Thought I was shielded by the adult rating and no search capabilities. Apparently not. So I changed 65 posts from public to patron only (same posts as on my WP blog) and asked them to review it. Waiting.

Thank you very much.
I try change everything like banner and tier rewards and put all of my posts (including sfw and nsfw) into Patrons’s only.
I hope they lift up suspension as soon as possible :frowning:
However, thank you very much for instructions.

Best regards

@NAKSX I can’t speak to the specific concerns - the trust & safety team will be the best group of people to respond to your questions and they are moving as fast as they can. We really want to make certain that you can continue on Patreon. As @RubyRyder says they can provide specific guidance about what is needed.

I did post this yesterday: Quick update on Patreon pages being suspended & reformed: we are actively working with creators too.

Any update? Have they fixed it? I’ve the same problem.

@yonashi Keep me posted on your interactions. The team is moving as quickly as possible on these reviews.