My experiment with free gifts

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share an experiment I’m trying out on my page at the moment: a free monthly gift for my patrons.

Every month I give them something - ideally an ‘artifact’ like a video or audio file, a pdf etc as a bonus ‘thank you’ gift for their support. I don’t charge them for it, it’s free and available to all patrons.

I started doing it for two reasons: firstly because I’m working on a new series of videos which are going to take six months to create, so for a while there will be no new films for them to support.

And secondly, because it feels closer to what I like about Patreon - this kind of generous exchange between strangers. Before, I had a series of reward levels going up to $100…but it started feeling more like a commercial transaction and like I was providing a product in exchange for money. I don’t know if that’s just me or whether other creators feel this way?

Doing this seems to have brought the ‘magic’ back a bit for me, and early reports suggest my patrons like it too.

Something to think about anyway :slight_smile:


I love this idea! I’ve been sending out a free song every once in a while, but the idea of making it sound like a Thank You Gift - and posting one a month sounds like a really beautiful way to make your fans feel appreciated. Thanks for sharing this!

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