My First Special Offer - process & results

Hi, thought I’d share my experience with the special offer feature in case it is useful for anyone.

I recently decided to do a revamp of my benefit tiers, this involved retiring the $1 tier and having the new starting point being $3 and adding some higher tiers on top. Previously, it was $1, $3, $5 and now it’s $3, $5, $10, $25, $69 (I make sex ed content for context of the $69!)

So to make a big splash with this change and to get as many people as possible upgrading from $1 to $3 I ran a special offer at $3+.

What the special offer was

One thing I’ve been doing on Patreon for a while is using the Discord integration with my community which is amazing! We call the community The Common Room so the special offer was an exclusive sticker pack with a newly designed logo for The Common Room and some other stickers relevant to me/the community’s interests.

The creative and communication process

I reached out to a designer/illustrator I love to create the sticker designs. She also created my new Patreon banner artwork and the artwork for the new tiers so everything had a nice, cohesive aesthetic. Hiring a designer was expensive and then of course there’s the cost of the stickers themselves and postage and packaging. I reconciled with myself that I may not break even the first month but many new Patrons will continue supporting for months to come so overall it will be worth the investment. And having a logo for our group is an investment in the community as it gives us a sense of identity and togetherness.

I communicated with Patrons that I was going to be doing a tier revamp waaaaay before I knew what the special offer would be. I said that I was thinking about retiring the $1 tier and explained why and ran polls about what other benefits they’d be interested in.

Before I launched the special offer and unpublished and then deleted the $1 tier I gave plenty of notice to Patrons and provided them with Patreon help articles about how to change their membership.


Basically all over social media and my YouTube channel. I maybe didn’t promote as much as I should, I didn’t quite post daily about it but at least every other day and more posts closer to the deadline. I had sample stickers sent to me so I could take photos with them to promote them.


It was really effective! In the 2 weeks I ran the special offer I had 114 new pledges and 47 upgraded pledges. There are still a lot of people now as $1 no benefit Patrons but some people just pledge and don’t want the benefits so that’s fine. But there are now more people at $3 than at $1 so I say that’s a success.

I only had one negative comment about retiring the $1 tier but they were complaining about not being made aware. I politely replied with links to all the previous posts I’d made about it that they’d missed. But overall, the response has been very positive and welcoming.

The current state of affairs is that I’ve put an order in for all the stickers and waiting for them to arrive at my house and will then package them all up and send them out! I’ve been very communicative with Patrons about the timeline they should expect to get the stickers.

The only slightly tricky thing is that my Special Offer requires an address. Obviously, any new people signing up have to add an address but previously my Patrons didn’t need to add an address. So I had to remind old Patrons many times to add their address to their profile in order to receive the stickers. Even after the Special Offer ended I extended the deadline to give people time before I ordered the stickers. About 90 people are eligible for the stickers but haven’t provided me with an address so unfortunately they won’t get them. But I communicated this many times, gave a deadline etc. But like I said, some people just want to support and don’t care for the benefits.

Future Special Offers?

I knew once I’d settled on stickers and a design for The Common Room that obviously the next step would be a pin. So I’m thinking in about 6 months time or so to run another special offer, this time at $5+ (because pins are more expensive to make) for an enamel pin. People in the community have already been asking for a pin so I think that’s a good sign!

So that’s my experience, let me know if you have any questions. Happy to answer them. (sorry this post was so long!)


Ahh that’s awesome! :clap:
I’m also thinking of making an exclusive sticker pack for a special offer though I don’t know what tier to promote (I have $2, $5, $10, $15) - but I’m assuming stickers are best for lower tiers. I think that was a great strategy for retiring the 1 dollar tier. Are you going to be mailing all the stickers yourself?

When I ran my first special offer I also looked at it as an investment and I think it’s paid off. One thing I did with my special offer was also to have patrons pledge for two months because I wanted to break even, and I told them that of course. :slight_smile:

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Yep will be mailing them out myself but I also have an assistant part time who will be helping me with that!

I think figuring out where to place your special offer depends on what your goals are - do you want more patrons or do you want existing patrons to upgrade their pledges?

Also, my reasoning behind doing it on the lowest one means I can now upwards. Each time I do a new special offer it’ll be at a higher tier but what I’m offering will be higher value.


That’s so great! I’m running one next month and not sure how it will go. I’m offering a print and a sticker to the $10 and up tiers. REALLY hope I get a nice rush of folks!


Also I’d love to see your patreon page, got a link?

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hahaha oops!


Fantastic thanks! (I actually suddenly realised I could google it… DOH!).

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