My Goals do not show to patrons anymore


I like to show the total dollar support on my Patreon homepage, and it was there two days ago. But now it’s gone – both for me and also for the public. So is the next Milestone Goal I had listed.

They both used to be visible on the Overview page.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Is this a bug or a new “feature”?


It looks as if the default tab is now ‘Posts’ rather than ‘My Membership’. I’m guessing that’s part of the random changes that Patreon has been making to the user experience.

If I go to my page in a different browser (from which I never sign in) I see my expected landing page with the offered membership levels and below it the number of patrons and $$$ support.


Yup. It’s gone from mine, too. I can still edit the goals, but they don’t seem to be getting posted anywhere for the public to examine.


Did you check the other tabs?


I did. When I’m logged in, I can click over onto Membership to see it. But as you’ve noted the default tab is now Posts. A little bit of a hassle to now have to hunt for that number, but not the end of the world.

However, looking at my page when I’m not logged in is even less ideal. Again the default is Posts which doesn’t show the number. The only other tab is Overview. And clicking on Overview doesn’t show it either. I’m not sure where prospective or non-logged in Patrons are supposed to find it at all now.

Perhaps there’s an answer for non-logged-in Patrons to find it somewhere , but I feel it should continue to be immediately visible from the first page for those of us who choose to show it (and use it in our marketing/fundraising efforts.)

I’m baffled by this change and suspect it’s a bug. But I’m not sure.

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I just thought of something: I have both my earnings visibility and patronage visibility both set to private. Would that effect why the goals aren’t showing up under any tabs when I’m logged in (if I log out I can find my goals)?

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Hey @alex, thanks for making this post. I really want to make sure I understand your feedback about any design changes so I can pass them to the team accurately.

When I few your page as a non-patron/fan, I can see your patron cound and your monthly $ amount. Below your about section, I can see your goal too. Here’s a quick GIF:

And then on my test creator account, I can see this info at a glance here:

Can you let me know where you’re not seeing this info and where you expected to see it? I know it’s been confusing as we’ve separated the experience between what fans, patrons, and the creator of that page see.

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Hey Mindy,

Thank you for your reply. When I refreshed the page this morning on my non-logged in browser, it does look like it’s been changed to look like your GIF. That was not what I was seeing yesterday.

While I would prefer see my numbers and goal on my own landing page when I’m logged in as a creator (which the current new landing page of Posts still isn’t showing me), as I said, that’s not the end of the world.

My main concern was that the total amount of support, number of Patrons, and the next goal were not visible to prospective Patrons. And, unless it’s different for logged-in non-Patrons, that seems to have been addressed. So perhaps it was a bug that got fixed this morning. :slight_smile:

But I do have another concern.

Do you know if that information is currently also hidden on the current landing page (Posts) for my current Patrons? Will they have to click on My Membership to see it?

When I’m logged in (as the creator), right now the total amount of support is only visible when I click My Membership, and more importantly, I don’t see the Milestone Goal visible at all…

It’s especially important that my current Patrons get to see progress towards Milestone Goals, and that they can see this readily. Do they get a different view than I do when they are logged in?

Thank you for your help!



@mindy - Also, I just want to say, I haven’t had time to explore the new changes , but I do seem some smart choices there like putting the pledge levels up top for non-Patrons and having the Welcome letter visible on everyone’s My Membership page. I think those choices will help with Patreon acquisition (by making the benefits of joining clear immediately) and retention (by providing easy access to a document that should tell/remind current patrons how to access those benefits.)

So, even though there might still be room for improvements, I could see how this would be a step in the right directions. Particularly if testing shows it to be so. And I do appreciate the work on that. :slight_smile:

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I can confirm that this what i’m seeing when I’m logged in, too. For both my creator page and the pages of others I’m supporting.

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Thanks for the additional info @alex, and the nice note of faith :slight_smile:

I was able to confirm that patrons cannot see a creator’s goals in this current version. However, we’re working this week on new designs to capture the ideal scenarios for goals for patrons and creators (and a few other things on the Membership tab). Please hang tight and continue to leave your thoughts about this in this thread as it’s really helping the product team.

Thank you for that update, Mindy. Good to know. And glad to hear y’all are listening. :slight_smile:

One suggestion to test: in the previous version, even when you saw the goal, you only saw the next one up, so even if you just hit a goal there was no indication of that. I think it would be nice to have previously hit goals visible somewhere, at least the last one.

Particularly when Patrons have worked hard to hit a goal, it would be really helpful for their to be some immediate indication that they did it. (Instead of them having to infer by seeing a brand new goal on the horizon.)

I also think it might be good social proof to see that other goals have been hit in the past by patrons. Something to test anyway.



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Hey Guys,
I’m a german creator and not sure I understand (cause I can’t find my goals anymore, ether)

Potential Patreons can see them, still?

Why can’t I, then?
I’m really confused.

Not terribly happy with the changes at all, I can’t seem to default my page to MY view instead of a public non-patron view. I have to keep clicking the membership tab which seems pretty silly, it should be the other way around.

Hi @Tini, welcome back to the forum :slight_smile: Yes you’re right, potential patrons can still see your goals.

@Geoff, thanks for the feedback. To be clear, you want an easier way to view the page as a patron?

Agreed, not happy with the changes. I also can’t see my Goals as the creator. Only in the “Edit Page” area.

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I feel like I’m being obtuse, but I can’t see mine anywhere and I’m kinda POed because I am in the middle of a fundraiser. Why change this?

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I’m also having this issue. I can see the goals on some users pages but not on others and definitely not my own. I feel like its useful to easily see how users, patrons and non patrons view and experinece our pages without needing to log out and back in again. It helps with editing and knowing how i want to change my page.

Also, I’m not sure If i should put this in another thread, but:
Maybe it’s me but I also feel like the new layout and UI as a whole is kinda messy and less intuitive. I wish there a way to select between the current one and the previous. The previous just felt a bit more inviting and approachable, more like I was showing what I have rather than throwing “give me your money” reward options right in peoples faces. That just sits with me wierdly and not how I want to come across to people.

Additionally, why was being able to select all in the patron manager removed? It makes selecting patrons to mark as complete kind of tedious now.

I hate complaining about things, but generally not loving these layout changes at the moment. ^^;

my page also defaults to ‘posts’ instead of overview.

these changes are not appreciated. feel like potential new visitors have even less of an idea of what i offer than before.


Could we have back the old design anytime soon?
I mean, I can live with the post editor having less functions than any standard word editor, or the post organization being beyond horrible as I don’t really use Patreon’s onboard features for much, but changing the design without any prior notice, and thus triggering confusion to every of your paying customers is the worst a company can actually do.
IF you want to introduce a new design, give us at least the option to use the old one, where the Goals are easily accessible at any time and where the tiers are easily visible alongside the post listings, until you have properly tested the new version and announced it in advance. :frowning: