My New Special Offer

Hi all!

I was part of the original beta group, and ran a very modest Special Offer back then, while watching everyone else’s far more ambitious projects with awe!

This time, I’m going for something much more ambitious and already seeing very positive results!

I’m a writer and my Patreon rewards mostly include ebooks and other downloadables, though I do have a $5 tier called Random Act of Post where I send something whimsical (often hand-made or hand-written) in the mail to these supporters (everyone at a higher level gets this too) three times a year.

For my Special Offer, all $5+ supporters will be receiving an enamel pin based on a design I commissioned from a professional artist friend, Kathleen Jennings, who has done cover art and other designs for me before.

The pin design is based on a Regency magic novella which is also currently a Patreon-exclusive – and it’s super cute!

So far my Special Offer has been running for 2 days – I’ve got 4 new patrons, all at the $5 level, plus a lot of my patrons have upgraded from $1-3 levels to $5. I started out with 25 patrons eligible for the pin and now I have 50 – ideally I’ll reach 100, as that’s the point at which producing the pin gets cheaper.

Anyway I’m $71 up per month so far, though I expect to have quite a few of the upgrades go back down to their usual tier later.

Wish me luck!

Tansy RR


Just to add – my favourite thing I’ve done so far with this Special Offer was, 2 days before I launched it, I asked my patrons to comment with an endorsement comment of some kind about why they supported my Patreon, or what value they got from it.

Eight people responded in all and they had such lovely, interesting things to say! I put them together in a blog post here -

I highly recommend asking your own patrons this question, if you are feeling at all downhearted or wondering if anyone out there in the void is really paying attention!


I loved reading about your positive experience with the Special Offer :grinning:

I’ve been meaning to do this like this but been afraid to due my latest experience with my annual giveaway and the fact that I am not from USA and the shipping time/service is not as fast as most of my patrons are used. I sent them mugs, calendars and prints. Thank goodness all reached them in the promised (long) time.

Your experience gives me great incentive to try again

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tansyrr, this is an EXCELLENT idea! Thanks for trying it out and sharing it.

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This is awesome Tansy! Happy you’re trying a new Special Offer (and one that is so adorable) and that you’ve already had some success! Good luck! Excited to hear more. :slight_smile:

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Just checking back in to give you all an update!

I have a day and a half left to go of this enamel pin Special Offer, and I’ve increased by monthly pledges by $126.07, getting over $500 a month. I’ve also brought in 13 new patrons, almost all at the $5 level.

I’m sure they won’t all stick around at this level but I had given myself a target of $100+ so I’m very pleased. I’ll have enough to cover the print run of pins, at least.

When I started this special offer, I had 25 Patrons eligible for the pin (at the $5 level or above) and now I have 63 which is extraordinary growth for me.

Cheers all,


@tansyrr! This is awesome!! Congratulations!! What do you think was the most effective outreach you did? I love learning more fro creators about their process and experience. The results are fabulous! yayayay!!

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This is so cool! Congrats!

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Hi Laura

Weirdly the most effective outreach was something I didn’t quite do deliberately – I chose a 2 week period where I’d be away at a convention for the second weekend, and only home to actively promote for the last 3 days after that. I was trying to avoid Easter and thought that it would be a good way to take a break and not burn out.

(Not only that, it was a convention where I knew almost no one, based around the works of another author – I was asked as a guest to this year’s Australian Discworld Convention because I wrote a book of essays about Terry Pratchett’s portrayal of female characters)

I mentioned the Patreon special offer ONCE at the convention, when it came up naturally during a kaffeeklatch with about 12 people where I was talking about different career paths and earning possibilities for writers.

But thanks largely to a huge swell of the convention people friending me on social media afterwards, and I guess to them liking me and wanting to check out my other writing, something like 7-8 of my new $5 Patrons have come to me via that personal connection. (I’m up to 18 new Patrons now and over $150+ new or upgraded pledges, with under an hour to go)


Yay! Glad your special offer is doing well! I’m going to try the questions for the patrons option and see how that works! I am doing my first Special Offer. I am an artist/animator. The purpose of my artwork/animation is to get people outside marveling at all of the treasures of the natural world all around us. I am even more enthused about this mission since I moved from rural VA to Brooklyn. The natural treasures I find in my neighborhood are staggering in their beauty and tell fascinating stories about life on Earth. My Special Offer is 10 coloring pages from a soon to be released coloring book, NatureNuggets Coloring Book Volume 1 based on images from my neighborhood (Bay Ridge) in Brooklyn. Such wonderfully diverse plants as broccoli, zinnias, roses, cactus and mullein are included in the collection.

The Special Offer is delivered as a PDF ready to print and color. In my research about the benefits of coloring, I have found many mental health professionals praising the value of coloring - everything from mindfulness training, relaxation and focus. If my coloring pages help reduce stress during this pandemic it will make me very happy. We are all in this together.