My Patreon page is down?

When I’m logged in and I go to my Patreon page, I get this:

If I go to a browser where I’m not logged in, it comes up OK.

What the…?!?

Weird o: . I can tell you that at least it loads fine to me.

Now working again. What the heck was that?!?

Hi there! Thanks for the report, our devops team is investigating this. Please keep an eye on the Patreon Support twitter as they are first to learn and report of any issues, plus provide real time updates.

A cute error page. Well done Patreon. :wink:

An error 500 is a generic server error. It just means that the page could not be returned, because something went wrong on the server side. As a user, there is not much you can do. Trying again later will usually be enough. Only if the error persists, e.g. for hours or even days, it’s useful to contact the site owner to have it checked out.

Getting the 500 error again this morning:

I could swear I visited the page successfully 5 minutes ago, since I’ve just been working on some patron upkeep this morning.

The last thing I did today before going there was tick off some benefits.

I will hope this resolves itself in time again, but @mindy can you mention to “the devops team” that it happened again today? Sunday roughly 8:10 AM Eastern.

Once again, it does not happen if I visit the page from a browser where I’m not logged in, so I’m hopeful that patrons aren’t seeing it… though if they see it if THEY are logged in then it would be a BIG problem!

FWIW I tried just hitting the browser “reload” button for the page 5 times:

  1. worked
  2. 500 error
  3. worked
  4. worked
  5. 500 error

So I guess intermittent? Maybe you have one bad server in the farm?

(Why is this not something “the devops team” discovers without a creator reporting it to them?)

We’re also down, showing 500 error

The devops team are alerted if there is a major outage that affects a lot of creators and they sound the alarm to make sure we tweet information. I’ve reported this to them, any info you could provide about your browser would be great. Please let me know if it keeps happening and you’re unable to access your page. Thank you!

My browser is Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) on macOS Mojave 10.14 (18A391)

Just now I tried reloading the page 5 more times and got:

  1. 500 error
  2. 500 error
  3. 500 error
  4. 500 error
  5. Came up fine

Note that when it gets the 500 error, the left sidebar shows up and there’s a little spinner on the right side, and then quite quickly the spinner disappears and the 500 screen comes up on the right.

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Hi! thanks for your patience -I reported it at 8.30am PT on Sunday and it looks like it was fixed by 9.15am. @ammulder did you see improvements after that time?