My payout hasn’t reached me!

Has anyone ever had their payout not reach their PayPal? My November payout was sent on 2nd Nov but never reached my PayPal. I contacted Patreon and have gone backward and foreword since - they managed to reverse the payout but when I tried to withdraw it a second time the same happened AGAIN!! It vanished! Not in my PayPal or in my Patreon balance. I still haven’t got the money! Has this ever happened to anyone else? I’m getting a bit hacked off that it’s taking them so long to sort out :rage: not to mention I need the cash.

Hi @Kara_Leigh_Ford, thank you for reaching out. I’m terribly sorry you’re having this much trouble recieving your Nov. balance. Sending you a DM to get some extra info so we can figure this out. Hang tight!