My Second Special Offer!

Hey everyone!

Years ago, I had started a special offer where I would offer a custom made sticker to anyone who became a patron for my account. But unfortunately, when I made that special offer:

a) It was during my first few weeks on Patreon, so I didn’t have much experience with hosting a special offer
b) The special offer I made, which was offering a custom made sticker, was actually just a blog button for anyone to post on their websites and I don’t think I was being very clear when I made that special offer.
c) As a result, I didn’t get any patrons from that offer.

So this time around, I’m going to make a special offer that I can actually give out and I’m going to be more clear with what my special offer is all about. So, this new special offer that I made is celebrating my 2 year anniversary of being on Patreon and I have decided to make a special shoutout video where I will post the names of the first patrons that signed up between June 1st - June 17th on the “First Patrons” wall of fame poster that will appear in my special anniversary video on YouTube! Here’s what the “First Patrons” Wall of Fame poster looks like:

The special offer is running from June 1st - June 17th and I’m really hoping that this special offer will be more successful than the first one! I’ll also be keeping up with some updates on how this special offer is going.


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So, my special offer has come and gone and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any new patrons. I tried promoting it on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. But, there was still no interest in the special offers. I’m guessing it’s because I didn’t have enough followers or subscribers on my accounts to make a difference.

Does anyone know how to make an effective special offer for your page, even if you don’t have enough followers or subscribers?

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my special offer ends at 12:00 half time. My lowest membership is $ 1. If you get any subscription, I can prepare a promotional video about your YouTube channel or website and post it permanently on my YouTube channel. Also, another opportunity in the lowest membership tier is the early access to my youtube videos. If you want a look. Thanks in advance. :smile:

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Hmmm…I could try the promoting your videos option for my next special offer. I’ll see how that goes.