My success with special offers feature

My approach was simple. I have people wish list of requests on the project I am working on. Plus I have direct relationship with my patrons on discord.

So, you want this feature it cost this much vote with your money.

So as a patron you will number the features based on the order of your priorities. So at the end of the day the money will be distributed to the features most voted. Else you can pay in full for features and sponsor them and be mentioned in the about for it.

My goal was the amount increase not increasing the number of patrons now. That would be fairly easy after the product launches this month. For that I am taking a different approach. The same I used from the start.

So I made a patron tier with a price above what I want and a second tier say 10% of that but limited in seats. When it sell out, I add another one but a bit more expenswhat, then its closed. I don’t reopen the offer if a seat was opened. You missed your chance not coming early. Now you see as new patron the price keep growing and all tiers are full so you will jump on the tier you have available now because the next one will be expensive for sure.

It works but I stopped at 200 members I gained in a month or two if remember right. Cause my funding needs were met. Now I will reuse it again after launching my pproject to support next project.

Hope this is useful to you guys.

Good luck to all of you.


Wow this is great to see! Thank you so much for sharing @Ali.O.AlShamsi.

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