My "type of posts waiting to be unlocked" count is kind of whacky and wrong

Because I like to use images to help visually differentiate between types of content for my supporters, I’ve almost always selected “images” for the type of post I’m making, so I could just put an image right up there at the top… but this means my “type of post” count people see is really out of whack:

99% of my posts are essays, short stories, novels-in-progress, updates, etc. They just happen to have an image at the top. Occasionally, I do post artwork from projects in progress or photos of finished projects, etc.

Is there any way to fix these counts? I’m guessing probably not since I picked “image” for the post type, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask!




Hey @BrianJamesFreeman, thanks for making this post. We absolutely understand where you’re coming from and it’s definitely something we’ve thought, and are still thinking, about!

To provide some context, we’re looking for ways to clear about what membership offers, and providing a sense of the volume of benefits available to patrons. What we really want to move towards is a world where benefits are really distinctly called out, and prospective fans can even sample them (Below you can see some of the designs we’re testing right now in interviews).

The challenge right now is that a lot of the tier descriptions are sentences that make it difficult for fans to understand the difference of content and volume across tiers, so we defaulted to the media type of posts. This change gave us the confidence that more structure can be very beneficial, and we’re excited for some of the improvements coming in the future.

Thanks again for sharing your feedback; it’s necessary for us to move the product in the right direction. This page is not finished and over the coming months you’ll see some exciting improvements.

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Hi Mindy!

Thanks! I might be the only person who has this “problem” because of the post types I picked, too. But I wanted to mention it, just in case. My people know what they’re getting from me, so it’s not something I think would affect someone’s decision to sign-up. It’s more of me being particular, ha. :slight_smile:

By the way, in the image you shared, I REALLY like the list of rewards under each JOIN button. That’s a terrific way to be able to delineate the differences between tiers!


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My biggest concern with the move towards visualizing rewards vs. leaving it in the hands of creators to do their tier descriptions effectively is that unless out of the gate we’re given control to fully customize the way these visual representations work, a lot of people are going to be left with very ugly landing pages.

A key example would be being able to upload a specific thumbnail for the reward image rather than having it auto update in the way that Featured Tags currently do. This has been a critical piece of feedback in general for Featured Tags for a while now as well, the autocropping of whatever image is attached to a post using that tag (or in the case of this new system, the post type itself) often looks unappealing. I use the same album art for a lot of my audio posts, and just about all of my posts are audio posts but my tags overlap…so everything usually looks like the same album art by default, and that’s boring as well as unhelpful.

If this new system operates the same way, things may end up looking absolutely ridiculous. I’d feel a lot better about this if we could get any sort of confirmation that there is a significant level of control over the way the rewards are presented, image upload, title & description text, etc.

This might seem like a luxury, but this is critical for all sorts of users. I’m thinking of creators who primarily create text posts, for example. Not everyone is a visual creator, so they’d absolutely need a way to directly choose what image gets used. I’m uneasy not knowing what level of control we’re going to have.

Also, seeing the way that video posts have their thumbnails auto cropped is so concerning. The text in those thumbnails is cropped silly, it looks…not great. That’s the sort of thing I’m hoping we can combat by being able to set one specific image.


Nope you’re not the only one! I have the opposite problem as yours, since I use text posts and then post inline images in those posts (because I want them to be scrollable and not in a gallery) so my posts full of images are listed as ‘writings’ - which they are not. :smiley:


Just wanted to let you know that one of our campaigns definitely has this problem too! It’s almost entirely text posts that happen to have images, but they are almost all identified as images.


I absolutely have this problem! I use banner images for basically everything, and although a lot of my posts are in fact image posts (I’m an artist), sometimes they’re just the sketch request posts or an info post with a cat pic* at the top.

I don’t really do ANY audio or video content, so basically I have all image posts and nothing else, and that metric is meaningless.

*i polled patrons about what they wanted to see more of, and cat pics won XD


This is one of those things where even if analytics show improved conversions when there’s a visual representation of the types of rewards a creator has, it is so horribly flawed for creators that it clearly needs to be workshopped (and it very well could be in that process right now) but why push it? Why push something that can unintentionally make creators look deceitful and misleading?

This isn’t just a “it doesn’t work how I want it to work” thing. There are no tools for creators to mass edit their posts to try and make this adjustment, and creators like those who have spoken up here and surely countless others who aren’t even aware this change was made are left with something that could potentially sour a relationship with a support if they were to pledge for one thing, but receive what is essentially not that thing at all.

Patreon talked about not getting in the way of the creator/patron relationship. This is exactly that. Even though this particular update works well for me, I don’t want it if it’s leave other creators high and dry.


That’s exactly my concern. It looks like we’re trying to sell many of our posts as being something that they are not.


Hi there

I have a problem, and I would kindly ask, if it would be possible to change those things manually:

I am running a regular running live-stream, but I am using Twitch and YouTube for it. My patreons have access to all the previous Livestreams, yet, when I am looking at those numbers on the front-page, it says:

I would rather put that to: Videos = 14 - and Livestreams = 35

Would it be possible to alter these?

Best wishes


Same problem here. I do a lot of videos, but not on Youtube, so they show up as images from the thumbnail pics I used for the post headers (the post has a link to the video on my site).


Same problem here. Like any good blogger, I post images at the top of my posts. I’ve done this since Day 1. I did not realize that I was inadvertently creating the impression that I am not a writer. Is there any way to change this? I have about 140 “writings” on Patreon, but most of them are counted as images on my public page.



It’s been 6 months since this issue was raised and it looks like nothing is happening to remedy it. This seems to be a common pattern: (1) A creator flags a small but annoying problem, (2) we’re told Patreon is working on it, (3) nothing happens.