My writing journey doubts

Hello, I’m Sundaresvar panneer.
I’m a writer. I self published some books on Amazon Kindle. But it’s been many months. No one had purchased my book. But even though I didn’t leave my hope.
If you have some ideas. Please throw those ideas to me! I’m really happy to hear your thoughts. Some ideas to promote my book or any other self publishing platform like that. Just to gain ideas and developing my promotion skills(really if possible help me in promotion side. So if possible help me) and writing skills too.

Thank you :blush:

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Hi! I’m also a self-published author (young adult scifi/fantasy). What have you tried so far for promoting your books? When I published mine, I shared its release with my friends/family on Facebook, set-up separate social media pages for my writing and promoted it there, and ran an ad with Bargain Booksy (a site for advertising ebooks that are priced at, or on sale for, between $.99 to $5). I also enrolled in the Kindle Select Program to make my book available for people to read for free via Kindle Unlimited. While they get to read it for free, if they have a KU subscription, authors get paid by Amazon per page turn (make sure people know not to use page flip mode though as those page turns don’t get counted for some reason). Offering a book via KU is especially helpful for new authors that readers may not want to take a chance on to buy, but will give a try via KU. You could also make a small amount of your books available to be read free on your Patreon as a kind of ‘sample.’ (The Kinde Select Program will still allow you to post up to about 5% of a book as a sample (often about the first 5 chapters) on other sites without it being considered a violation of their exclusivity agreement).

If your books are also available in paperback/hardcover copies, you could also try talking with any libraries or bookstores in your area to see if they’d be interested in carrying them.

What type of books do you write?


Thank you for your reply! Really thank you. Really happy that you gave me these ideas.
Mam I really not tried the things you’ve said. But I enrolled in kdp select. I write story books. And I love to write story books.

I will order author copies and I’ll contact the library for displaying my books. That idea is very useful. But order copies are not available in (India) I think so. I’ll check about it. Thanks​:heart::blush:.
And also I’ll run an ad with a site too. I’m in India, if possible, suggest me some sites😊.
I don’t have people to encourage me or give ideas like this. Thank you.

I wrote more than 4 story books in Amazon Kindle. So I’ll take your idea And I’ll mention you further details about it.

My horror story book

My books

Really felt happy today😊. Do help me in future. Thank you.

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You’re very welcome!

Something else you can do if you haven’t already is make an account on Goodreads and have your books listed/linked on there. Check if they’re already on there first though, Amazon owns Goodreads so they might be.; if so, you can “claim” the book so that it shows on your page (has to be an author page though, not a personal page, but Goodreads will explain how to change the one into the other). It’s not a guarantee (nothing is really) that it’ll get seen, but it does increase your chances. They also allow you to offer giveaways of either physical book copies or ebook copies, but that is a paid feature.

Other than Bargain Booksy, some other sites I know of for ebook promotion are Free Booksy (if you’re running a freebie special or have a ‘loss leader’ free book that you offer), BookBub, EReaderIQ, ManyBooks, BookCave, and Booksend. There are loads of others though and some are more affordable to run ads on than others. I’ve also known authors to run Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram ads. However, these don’t always work so definitely be cautious about throwing a lot of money into advertising early on.

If there are any local shows/festivals in your area, you can also try looking into getting a booth and bringing along some copies of each of your books and any promotional materials you have (business cards, bookmarks, etc.)

Otherwise, one of the best things you can do is just keep writing and releasing more books. If you write book series, you can get the books ‘bundled’ and then promote the whole series (or partial if it’s a really long series).

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Thank you so much :blush: you’re ideas means a lot. Thank you. I’ll put those ideas into action for sure. Thanks for spending time for me. I’m really happy. Will convey you my future updates about my books mam :relaxed: :blush:
From Sundaresvar.

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Another thing to consider about Amazon Kindle publishing is that keywords and cover are very important for sales. Try searching some keyword phrases that are relevant to your book in the Kindle store, and see what comes up. Do the first few books that come up have a good sales rank (In the top 100,000)? If so, that’s a good sign that those keyword phrases get searched a lot by readers. Try adding them to your title or subtitle or keyword list. If not, keep trying different ones.

Also, look up the bestselling books in your genre. What is the look and “feel” of the covers? That’s what readers are expecting. If your cover looks way different, readers may not recognize what it is when scrolling by. And remember that only the tiny thumbnail of your cover shows up in search results, so make sure your cover looks eye-catching at that size.

Anyway, those are a couple of ideas. Good luck with your books! Stick with it and I’m sure you’ll do great!


Yaa thanks :blush:. I’ll do this for sure. Thank you for your ideas :relaxed:.

hey there! everybody has their moments of doubt every now and then but is good that you reached out, depending on your writing style and book theme, have you considered turning one of your books or combining them into a short animation or a game? Maybe that way it will attract more attention, it doesn’t have to be something perfect or complicated just something functional simple and engaging but this depends on the story/stories that you wrote and whether or not it is a possibility for you to turn parts of your book or books combined into something else that will help promote your work and also improve it :stuck_out_tongue:
give it a thought , only you can know the answer! Never give up on yourself !!!


Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: for sharing your ideas.

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Found the best way to promote my book was to help other authors promote theirs. It’s about building a community, and knowing that you can share and promote each other. A lot of people feel less ‘awkward’ about saying “Hey, my friend wrote this awesome book!” than “So I wrote this, can you buy it from me”.

As much a we need to be okay with promoting ourselves, it can be a lot less effort to retweet another writer, or do a follow for follow, while reviewing each others’ books.

Combine that with making sure your books have professional-level cover art, pristine layout, and that its’ genre & subgenres are as narrowed in as possible, so the book comes up further up the list in this gigantic self-publish and indie published fog.

Promoting posts on Instagram/Facebook can help, but ultimately people buy books they know about from other people. Not saying strangers can’t find your book, but I find reviews are integral to the process, and those an be free.


Thanks :blush: for your reply! I’ll do it!