Need a way to block and/or flag spammers

I’ve recently had a NSFW creator commenting on my public posts. She is leaving rude comments. I have deleted them and brought it to patreon help desk attention but I would like to have better way of reporting these kinds of comments and blocking her from commenting in future. I’ve had spamming creators leave promos for their channels on posts also. It seems like an oversight not to have some sort of options for limiting who can post on my channel. Creators who participate in these sorts of predatory behaviors should have some sort of repercussions also. I can’t imagine this is the sort of thing Patreon wants their creators to be doing (or putting up with).


Hi @angelafineart, I’m so sorry you’re facing this type of behavior. Patreon should be a safe space for all creators to share their work. That said, you’re more than welcome to block a patron you do not want engaging with your page.

A blocked patron will be able to view your public posts, but they will not be able to:

  • pledge to your creator page
  • message you directly
  • access any patron-only post
  • comment on any creator or patron posts on your page

Lastly, if you feel that a patron or creator is acting against our community guidelines, please visit this article to learn how to report them.

Thank you! I figured out how to block her the last time she commented. I’m glad to know she can be reported too. It is sad that some people feel the need to do this stuff.

Don’t do it on my Patreon, spammers I’m warning you. First time.

It will be quite funny if you still do it.

Only to me. :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: